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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed mistakes that passengers are always guilty of making when flying over the Christmas holidays.

Lots of people travel over the festive period, be it to visit relatives or to enjoy Christmas somewhere else.

However, that often leads to them making errors that they wouldn't make when flying at other times during the year.

That's why ex-flight attendant Kentrell Charles revealed his top tips for families flying at Christmas time.

The former cabin crew member has more than two decades' worth of experience, so knows a thing or two about passengers making mistakes.

One of which is wrapping gifts before flying – while it's a nice idea to have any presents wrapped before the journey, it's also not the most sensible, due to airport security.

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If there's something that looks even remotely suspicious inside the wrapping paper, you're just going to have to open it again in the airport.

Kentrell told Travel Awaits: "If you are going to carry any gifts onboard, you might want to hold off on wrapping them. This will save you any frustration at security if airport security needs to open them to see what’s inside your package."

The ex-flight attendant recommends posting larger items, to then be wrapped at your destination, which makes space for extra essentials.

As Kentrell points out, airports can get a bit busier during the Christmas period, so the chances of disruption increase, which means travellers should load everything important into hand luggage.

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He said: "You should pack extra snacks, entertainment, medication, cash, chargers and cords for your electronics, and water bottles. Once you have cleared security, you can fill your bottle up at one of the hydration stations."

Meanwhile, a baggage handler has revealed their top tips for making sure your checked luggage stays safe.

Advice includes how to pack, taking photos and ways to label your bags.

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