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A TRAVEL expert has revealed the simple trap holidaymakers often fall into at airports that could be costing them a fortune.

With prices of flights and accommodation both going up at the minute, it's important for travellers to save money any way they can.

But many of them still end up spending an absolute fortune getting to and from the airport, by relying on taxis.

Travel expert Nicky Kelvin from the Points Guy UK explained why cabs can be so costly, and what people should do to keep costs down.

He told the Express: "As a general rule, it’s best to avoid cabs whenever possible in destinations that require haggling, especially if another language is involved as this is the easiest way to get overcharged."

Instead, Nicky recommends using public transport wherever possible, which can really help people avoid overspending when on holiday.

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Easy holiday mistake that could lose you more than £100 per trip

He continued: "Taking the bus or train will often be your cheapest option, whether you’re staying in a hotel or an Airbnb.

"Utilising public transport is one of the easiest ways to travel around a country cost-effectively, especially as buses and metros/trains frequent popular tourist destinations and usually stop at nearby landmarks."

Getting in cabs can also leave travellers at risk of being scammed, which could cost a lot more than a normal taxi service would.

Fake cabs are known to operate in popular tourist destinations throughout Europe and have been known to charge hundreds of pounds in some cases.

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Anton Radchenko, founder of Airadvisor, explained how they operate and told travellers how they can dodge them.

He revealed that unlicensed cab drivers will wait in taxi queues and pick up unsuspecting holidaymakers.

They will then take them to their requested destination, but charge as much as four times the price it should cost.

That's exactly what happened to one tourist, who was left stunned after being charged 900 kuna (£102) for a 13 mile taxi ride from his hotel to the airport.

Going by the name TravelChuck on social media, he said in the video: "I asked at the airport how much it would cost and they said about 300 to 350 kuna."

However, after flagging a taxi, he said he quickly realised he was an illegal taxi driver after he dropped them at a nearby bus stop.

He continued: "He said 'I can't go to airport because it's closed'. Of course it was very strange, and then I realised it was because it was illegal.

"Instead of 300 kuna, he asked me for 900 kuna."

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Meanwhile, tourists in Rome have warned about a photo scam that they say cost them more than £400.

And this travel influencer revealed another scam involving art forcing tourists to part ways with their money.

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