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A WOMAN has revealed the cheeky way she secures free upgrades on flights and at hotels.

A free hotel or flight upgrade is the dreamiest way to get a holiday off to a flying start, and according to one TikToker everyone can secure an upgrade.

As reported by Glamour magazine, a woman on TikTok, who is known as blackbarbie49, shared the sneaky way she bags free upgrades.

In the video, she explained that she pretends to be her own personal assistant in order to receive upgrades for free.

She said: "I get questions on how I get special treatment from hotels and flights, but literally all you have to do is get a personal assistant.

"My personal assistant is my grandmother, I use my grandmother's name to book the hotels."

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She explained that she simply pretends to be her own personal assistant when she's booking flights and hotels or making restaurant reservations.

She added: "For some reason when you are going to luxurious restaurants or luxurious hotels, they will upgrade you [if you use her trick].

"They will put you in a private room, and they will give you free snacks and champagne – it works every single time."

She filmed her advice from inside a suite at the four seasons, which she believed had been upgraded.

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The TikToker, who found the hack online, described it as "life-changing".

While the video has only had 680 views on the social media platform, people were impressed with the hack.

One person wrote: "Appreciate your hack."

If creating a personal assistant is a bit too much hard work, then you'll be relieved to know that there are other ways to secure upgrades.

William Hanson, the television etiquette expert, has revealed the cheeky phrase holidaymakers should try at the check-in counter to try and nab an upgrade.

He previously told the Sun Online Travel: "At the check-in desk, you need to say this phrase to the check-in staff: 'If you do need to move anyone on the plane, then I'm fine to move into the first class cabin,' or something to that effect."

For hotels, the etiquette expert thought it was unlikely that guests would receive a free upgrade.

He added: "You can ask the hotel staff at check-in as an option, but you're unlikely to get the best room for free.

"The upgraded room might require more housekeeping staff to clean and maintain the room, which may mean the hotel would running at a loss if they gave a free upgrade."

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A travel expert has created an email template that can be used to bag a free hotel room upgrade.

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