BRITS returning to the UK must follow a number of new rules and travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

From booking tests to filling in forms, here is everything you need to know about when returning to the country.

What are the travel restrictions when returning to the UK?

To return to the UK, Brits must have three coronavirus tests, as well as a Passenger Locator Form.

These must all be booked and filled in before arriving.

If returning from a high-risk country, of which there are 33, then you must quarantine at a government-mandated hotel – and also book this before arriving.

Anyone who fails to follow the travel rules face steep fines up to £10,000 depending on offence, as well as jail time.

How do I book the coronavirus tests?

To enter the UK, Brits must first have a negative coronavirus test to show onarrival, taken no more than 72 hours before travel.

This cannot be done on the NHS and must be done privately, while paying the cost, and must be in English, French or Spanish.

British Airways has launched a discounted £33 portable test which can be taken on holiday to use before returning to the UK.

Brits must also have booked in two tests during their quarantine, to be conducted on day 2 and day 8 of the 10-day period.

This costs £210 per person and must be booked before arriving in the UK via the government website here.

When will holidays go ahead again?

  • April 12 – self catered holiday homes can be let to single households
  • April 12 – decision on foreign holidays to be announced
  • May 17 – hotels reopen and holiday homes can be let to groups of up to six people from different households or groups from two households with no cap on size
  • June 21 – holiday homes can be let to groups of all sizes

How do I fill in the travel forms?

All arrivals must also have a Passenger Locator Form with personal details filled in.

This includes details of where you will be quarantining and if you have booked your Covid tests.

The free form can be filled out on the government website here.

What are the travel restrictions for leaving the UK?

To leave the UK, you must fill in a travel declaration which has evidence showing why you are leaving the country, such as for work or health reasons.

Introduced from today, the free form can be downloaded from the government website here.

Holidays abroad are still banned as the UK lockdown does not allow non-essential travel.

From April 12, UK holidays will be able to go ahead with some restrictions, while it is hoped that trips abroad will restart from May 17.

The UK government Global Taskforce will announce when they can go ahead next month.

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