FAMILIES wanting a holiday this year will be looking at ways to save the pennies.

Thankfully, Skyscanner has shared some of their best tips on how to make your flights much cheaper, even if travelling during the peak summer months.

From changing the day you travel to opting for a different airport – you could save more than £1,200.

1. Book the last week of the summer holidays instead of the first – save up to £872

Data shows the first two weeks of the summer holidays are the most expensive, as desperate families keen to leave the country head sooner rather than later.

This is compared to the last week, which can be up to 44 per cent cheaper.

For example, a family of four travelling to the US could save up to £872 if travelling on the last week rather than the second week, or a family heading to Spain could save £188 if changing the week.

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2. Don't travel on a Saturday – save up to £380

The worst day of the week to travel is a Saturday, according to the data, most likely due to it being the first of the weekend.

Flying mid-week is much cheaper – for example a flight on a Tuesday to the US will save up to £380 compared to a Saturday.

Or save £244 if flying to Greece on a Thursday rather than a Saturday.

A recent study also found that people who fly on Sundays are the most miserable, but happiest on a Wednesday.

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3. Don't have a specific destination in mind – save up to £25

If you aren't tied to a holiday in Spain or Greece, keeping your options open could save you money too.

Skyscanner's Everywhere function lets you see flight costs to every country – so you could save money if you choose a cheaper destination.

The study shows flights to Italy during the summer holidays started from just £22, while Portugal from £40.

4. Keep track of prices – save up to £25

Setting up price alerts could nab you a bargain too.

Some destinations, such as Italy, don’t follow the same pattern of price hikes at the beginning of the summer with average prices only dropping around £27 at the end of the summer. 

For these destinations, the best way of getting a good fare is to keep track of the prices by setting up a price alert so you can hold off until a big price drop.

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5. Change the airport you fly from – save up to £336

If you leave between a few airports, changing the one you fly from could save you hundreds.

For example, flying from Edinburgh Airport instead of Newcastle if heading to Alicante could save a family of four up to £336 during the summer holidays.

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