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A WOMAN was stopped from boarding her flight due to a 'glitch' with her ticket at the airport.

Nasim Saeidi was travelling from Auckland to Turkey on New Year's Eve to see her family for the first time in five years due to Covid.

However, after arriving at the check-in desk, she was told there was an issue with her ticket which she had booked via Trip.com.

Staff said her name had been mixed up, so her first name and surname were the wrong way around.

This meant she couldn't check in for her flight and after spending "hours on hold" with the travel company she booked through, ended up missing her flight.

Nassim, who is originally from Iran but currently lives in New Zealand, told local media: "This is just really frustrating.

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"I have already booked hotels in Turkey and have 10 people waiting for me, and I still haven't heard anything.

"I haven't seen my family in five years due to the Covid situation, and I couldn’t see my dad, who was sick and in a coma for more than a month."

Nasim said it likely occurred when she updated her account with her new passport details as her names were in the correct order before this when she received confirmation emails.

She said that customer service confirmed it was a "glitch" and would take" full responsibility" but that they are still investigating the cause.

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A spokesperson confirmed that the "relevant departments" were looking into it.

Nasim isn't the only person this has happened to.

A family travelling to Florida were barred from their flights because of a mix-up with their boarding passes.

Tina Cribb and her family had to fork out £10,000 for nine new plane tickets to Orlando after being turned away by Aer Lingus staff at Manchester Airport.

When they arrived at the airport they were told the names on their boarding passes didn't match those on their passports as their first names had been mixed up with their surnames.

And last summer, Brit Sheldon Miller had to fork out over £2,600 to salvage the trip after an airline blunder forced them to miss their flight to Orlando.

The airline informed them they had been booked onto a return flight instead of the outward journey following a booking error, leaving the distraught family stranded at the airport.

Here are some other ways you can get banned from a flight, according to cabin crew.

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