IF you are someone that often feels chilly on a flight then this advice is for you.

A flight attendant has revealed which seats are likely to be the coldest on a plane so you can avoid them.

Tiktok user Victoria, who uses the handle @thevictorialeighproject, shared a video explaining that in her experience, rows seven to 15 are the coldest on a flight.

She also said that window seats are likely to be colder than aisle seats because they are closer to the outside of the plane.

She said: "I've noticed that the majority of the time that it's cold it is between rows seven and 15 of the plane so if you're cold, avoid those rows.

"And the window seats are obviously colder than the aisle just because it's closer to the outside of the plane."

Seatlink.com founder Dan Suski recommends avoiding the exit rows and the doors if you are someone that gets cold easily.

He said that the draught from the doors often makes the air by the nearby seats cooler.

The reason the temperature is so low in the cabin is to stop passengers passing out.

A study by ASTM International found that passengers would faint more easily while flying because of a medical condition known as hypoxia.

The fainting happens when the body tissue doesn't get enough oxygen and the condition is worsened by high cabin pressure and warm temperatures.

Victoria's video has been watched nearly 3,000 times and her followers are grateful for the advice.

One commented: "Thanks for the tips, always freezing."

Another wrote: "So true!"

Victoria has also shared tips on how to stop your ears from popping during a flight.

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