A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the clever way to get loud kids to be quiet on the plane.

Noisy children on flights can make long journey's a real ordeal – but there is something you can do if you're near a screaming child or they are kicking the back of your seat.

You'll have to be brave as it means telling the kids off yourself.

An anonymous member of cabin crew previously told Travel and Leisure: "It is much [more] real for a child when they are addressed by a stranger."

If you’re bold enough to bypass their mum and dad and go straight to the child, you might just find some peace and quiet.

The flight attendant says that you are then within your rights to then speak to cabin crew if the child doesn’t quieten down – or indeed if their parents disagree with you.

They may be able to help with distractions for the child in the form of activities – which planes are normally stocked with.



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The flight attendant continues: "Usually, planes [are stocked] with colouring books and things for kids to do."

A parent has won praise for her 'genius' snack box game to keep kids busy during a flight.

Kate Bast revealed the simple game meant filling up a box with treats, and letting kids try and find two matching snacks beneath the lids.

Here are some other top tips from flight attendants if you are traveling with young kids.

A man recently divided opinion after he yelled at a mum when her kids kept hitting his seat on a long-haul flight.

And another passenger asked if they were in the wrong after telling parents to "control their kids" after they were playing up on the flight.

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