QUEUEING at airports is one of the few downsides to going on holiday.

A trip away should be about relaxing, but actually getting on the plane can often be a slow and stressful process, particularly at the moment with continuing travel chaos.

However, a travel expert has revealed a handy hint that could help passengers speed up their boarding and cut the amount of time they spend waiting in line.

Jane Hawkes, a former flight attendant and consumer expert, explained to holidaymakers how some tactical queueing could get them on the plane and into their seat quicker.

She told The Express that lining up next to business class passengers could lead to a faster boarding time.

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She said: “Opt for the check-in desk nearest to business class because they’ll probably have a shorter queue at business class.

"There’s a chance that if that queue empties quicker, they will wave you over because they want to speed up that check-in process.

"They’re not there just to separate passengers.”

Hawkes also revealed how to get through security gates quicker as well, by being properly prepared to pass through monitors.

Her recommendation is to remove anything that will set off the detectors as soon as possible to prevent hold ups.

She also said that using the airport's see-through plastic bags for liquids was a good idea, to make sure they were up to the expected standard.

Hawkes is not the only flight attendant to have provided information on how to speed up boarding for passengers before.

Earlier this year, Glenn Reuben, a flight attendant for more than 30 years, revealed why passengers should wait until they're flying before asking for things from the cabin crew.

Glenn shared his frustration on question and answer site Quora.

He wrote: "During boarding, if you need a sip of water 'for a pill' or because you are 'so thirsty', please use the water fountains in the boarding area.

"During boarding, the company comes down on the crew and agents very hard about on time departures.

"During the boarding process we are verifying catering supplies, inventorying special meals and setting up for the service.

"We are finding storage spaces for passengers and coordinating passengers' seating.

"Ten minutes before departure, all bags must be stowed and passengers seated so that the door can be closed.

"Bottom line – we don't find it cute, when you stop us from what we're doing to crack open the seals on the water and cups for a single glass of water."

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