A RYANAIR flight attendant has revealed some of the craziest questions she has been asked by passengers.

In a video on TikTok, cabin crew member Emily shared some of her passengers' strangest requests, including one for the window to be opened from an on-board guest who was "too hot".

As a flight attendant, making sure passengers are comfortable and happy is a big part of the job.

However, some requests just can't be granted due to how crazy and, in some instances, unsafe they are.

As well as asking for windows to be opened, Emily revealed that others have also previously asked for the engine to be turned off because it was "too noisy".

One passenger, who was scared of heights, asked for the plane to be flown lower, while another nervy flier asked if there were any parachutes on board.

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Away from the dangerous requests, the TikToker revealed that some passengers have even asked if they could buy her a drink in exchange for her phone number.

The revelations drew some interesting reactions from people who commented on the video.

One explained that other passengers made them feel more nervous than being on a plane.

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They wrote: "When I say I’m scared of flying, I’m not scared of the plane, I’m scared of the ppl in it".

One commenter added: "My mum was Cabin crew, she was once asked what the big bright light following the plane through the night was. Turned out to be a light on the wing".

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