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KNOWN for its tropical climate and sun, Cape Verde is a dream destination for many holidaymakers.

However, many wonder whether the sun-soaked island is a safe place to head for that much needed relaxing break.

Is Cape Verde safe?

Located off the west coast of Africa, Cape Verde is made up of 10 main islands and 8 islets.

While all of the islands are affected by crime, as most destinations are in the modern day, it is not somewhere that should be avoided by British tourists.

As with most popular holiday hotspots, travellers can be the subject of crime but no more so than some of the mainstream locations enjoyed by westerners.

The advice offered for anyone travelling there, as with any location, is to be vigilant and ensure you keep sight of your belongings at all times.


Enjoy sun, sea, and lots of sand in the Cape Verde islands

Enjoy sandy beaches and sip cocktails in kitesurfing capital Sal, Cape Verde

Try to leave valuables in a hotel safe and do not carry large amounts of cash around with you.

When heading out at night, ensure you lock all windows and doors where you are staying and try to avoid unlit areas after dark.

If you do have any concerns about security where you are staying, you should speak with your tour operator.

What is the currency in Cape Verde?

The official currency of the country is the Cape Verdean Escudo.

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It is tied to the Euro and many large hotels and restaurants will accept payment in the currency.

They will also accept most major credit cards as well.

What adaptor do I need for Cape Verde?

With technology such a major part of our lives nowadays, it is often important for travellers to ensure they have the right kit to keep their devices working.

Electricity supplies vary all over the world, often vastly different from our experiences back home.

Cape Verde is no different and the island has two different plug types for use.

Both utilise the two pin plug, with one slightly different, with earth clips on the side.

The cluster of islands does operate on a 230V supply with a frequency of 50Hz much like what we have in Britain.

Convertors are available for travel to allow our three-pin connections to use such a two-pin system as you will find in Cape Verde.

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