A MAN was left stunned after a passenger took his suitcase by mistake – only to return it completely destroyed.

The man said he was travelling with Delta when he had to put his carry on luggage in the overhead lockers far from his seat.

He said it was around 15 rows away as he had to sit in the back.

However, when he went to get off the plane, his bag wasn't there – only for it to be handed in at baggage claim badly damaged.

He wrote in a thread on Reddit: "Guy took my carry-on bag thinking it was his.

"He pried it open, broke the locks, and brought it back to Delta like this the next day with no note or anything."

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The image he posted shows the locks completely broken, which had been prised open.

He added: " I saw the guy at the gate [with the same suitcase] and we aren’t the same size.

"He did some rummaging (I pack my shoes in a certain way and they were not the same.)

"Really hoping we can get this resolved but it seems like I don’t have a ton of recourse."

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He said that he even complained to airline staff who were polite but said it was between him and the passenger.

People were stunned on Reddit by the stranger's actions.

One person said: "It would have been nice if he had written at least a note or left money for you to replace it. What happened to common courtesy?"

Another said: "How stupid do you have to be to not think 'hey, maybe this isn't my suitcase' after attempting the combination."

Lots of people said they often put large stickers or bows on their bags to stop this happening.

Some had less sympathy: "As much as this sucks this could have been avoided by putting your name on it."

Another agreed: "One way to fix this is to not get a suitcase that looks exactly like literally everyone else’s."

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