RYANAIR has vowed to fully refund customers within five days of a cancelled flight.

It is part of an overhaul of customer services from the airline that came under fire for slow refunds in the pandemic.

In the past it boasted it was a “no refund” carrier.

Customers will get back the cost of the flight in an “online wallet” within 24 hours of a cancellation.

They can ask for it to be transferred to their credit card or bank account within five days.

Or they can spend it on another flight.

Boss Eddie Wilson told The Sun dealing with 25 million refunds during Covid taught them how to speed up the process.

He said: “We had to find ways to do it quicker out of necessity.

“With the wallet we know who you are and how you paid. It’s more automated than emails.”

An improved app will also allow customers to make changes to flights instead of ringing up.

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