Stunning places to stay that offer views of incredible natural wonders

Now THAT’S a room with a view! Places to stay that offer panoramas of jaw-dropping natural wonders, from a hotel beside Iceland’s Blue Lagoon to a Hawaiian retreat by an active volcano

  • Here we present seven properties listed by the rental site Coolstays that guarantee breathtaking views
  • Other retreats to feature include a ‘bubble’ pod in Jordan and a waterfall-adjacent hotel in Argentina 
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Whether it’s seeing the Northern Lights or a thundering waterfall, witnessing wonders of nature on your travels can make for the trip of a lifetime.

To make the experience all the more magical, spend the night somewhere that offers a spectacular front-row view of these spectacles of nature.

Here we present seven retreats for nature lovers that guarantee breathtaking vistas, from a Hawaiian cabin to a contemporary hotel in Iceland.

They’re all listed by the property rental site Coolstays. Scroll down to pick your favourite…  



Check into The Arctic Hideaway in Norway’s Fleinvaer archipelago to witness the Northern Lights

If the idea of seeing the Northern Lights is a dream, then The Arctic Hideaway in Norway is the place to lay your head, an experience ‘like no other’, according to Coolstays.

The retreat, comprised of a series of eco-friendly cabins, lies on Sorvaeret island in the Fleinvaer archipelago and is ‘surrounded by rugged mountains’. 

The best time to see the Northern Lights, Coolstays reveals, is if you stay during the winter months, a time of year when guests can also enjoy ‘incredible views of the moon and stars’. 

One of the cabins at the retreat – which was created by the jazz musician and composer Havard Lund – houses a music studio, while another features a sauna, Coolstays says. Prices start at £173 ($222) per night for up to 10 guests.


Watch ‘meteor showers dance across the desert’ with a stay at Rock Reach House in California 

California’s Joshua Tree National Park is ‘considered one of the best stargazing spots in the U.S, being so high above sea level and with little light pollution’, according to Coolstays.

To witness these starry skies for yourself, the rental site recommends checking into Rock Reach House just outside the national park, where you can watch ‘meteor showers dance across the desert’ from the comfort of the property’s outdoor hot tub. 

Billed as the ‘ultimate chill-out pad’, the two-bedroom abode also boasts a yoga platform, an outdoor fireplace and a deck that’s ‘made for drinks beneath the stars and deep discussion long into the night’. 

The house sleeps up to four people and prices range from £189 ($242) to £692 ($887) per night.



‘Anyone fascinated by volcanic activity’ should stay in the Lava Home rental in Hawaii, says Coolstays

The appropriately named ‘Lava Home‘ is perched near the base of Kilauea Volcano on the Hawaiian island of Hawai’i. 

‘Anyone fascinated by [volcanic] activity should consider a stay at this cosy, off-grid cabin,’ Coolstays says.

Describing a stay at the property, the rental site continues: ‘Relax on your patio or in your outdoor bathtub, which offers views of the volcano, the [North Pacific Ocean], and black lava fields as far as the eye can see.’

The cabin comprises three bedrooms and prices range from £262 ($336) to £407 ($522) per night.


The Retreat hotel sits ‘right on the edge’ of Iceland’s most famous geothermal spa, the iconic Blue Lagoon 

Coolstays notes that Iceland is famed for its thermal landscape, with visitors bathing in mineral-rich hot springs that have been ‘warmed by centuries-old lava canyons below’.

The Retreat hotel sits ‘right on the edge’ of the country’s most famous geothermal spa, the iconic Blue Lagoon, giving guests the chance ‘to wake up and enjoy an early morning dip in its warming waters’.

The rental company adds: ‘Alternatively, sit out on your private balcony as you gaze down at the steam rising from the spring or visit the sauna or massage therapy room.’ 

Prices begin at £1,200 ($1,538) per night for a two-person room at the contemporary hotel.


Marvel over the view of the Iguazu Falls with a stay at Gran Melia Iguazu in the Iguazu National Park in Argentina

Those keen to see the largest waterfall system in the world, the Iguazu Falls, should consider a stay at the Gran Melia Iguazu, Coolstays reveals.

Set in the Iguazu National Park in Argentina, the ‘beautiful’ hotel offer views of the falls – which lie along the border of Argentina and Brazil – from multiple vantage points.

Listing them out, Coolstays says: ‘Guests can enjoy the amazing views of the waterfall from their luxurious room or suite, the infinity pool or the fantastic on-site restaurants.’

It adds: ‘You can guarantee that staying in this beautiful location will be an experience that you will never forget.’ Prices range from £613 ($785) to £1,500 ($1,923) per night.


Spend a night under the stars in Jordan’s amazing Wadi Rum valley with a stay at the Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel

Jordan’s Wadi Rum valley offers ‘one of the best stargazing experiences you can have’, according to Coolstays.

To experience it for yourself, the rental site suggests spending ‘a night under the stars’ at the Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel, which lies ‘in the heart’ of the desert wilderness.

Guests stay in ‘bubble’ pods that ‘offer comfy beds, private terraces and huge windows so you can enjoy the spectacular sunsets from the comfort of your own bed’. 

Coolstays adds: ‘As well as some outdoor seating, you’ll also have your own sunken hot tub where you can relax and unwind under the stars in pure luxury.’ Prices start at £280 ($359) per night for a two-person ‘bubble’.


This pair of holiday houses in Italy each have a ‘quirky reflective exterior’ that offers ‘quite the spectacle when lightning strikes’ 

‘Northern Italy sees some of the most frequent lightning in Europe so anyone looking to catch a glimpse of the giant sparks of electricity should consider a stay in Mirror Houses in Bolzano,’ Coolstays says.

This pair of holiday houses, which look out across the Dolomites mountains, each have a ‘quirky reflective exterior’ that offers ‘quite the spectacle when lightning strikes’.

The properties, designed by the architect Peter Pichler, share a garden that’s filled with apple trees and features a saltwater swimming pool. Prices begin at £1,175 ($1,506) per week.

Other homestay rental sites are available. 


Claire Wills, co-founder and director of Coolstays, said the company has noticed an increased demand for holiday properties that offer guests the chance to experience ‘natural phenomena in real life’.

She added: ‘These amazing natural spectacles are a once-in-a-lifetime event for most of us so it’s important that the experience is memorable.

‘A lot of this comes down to where you’re staying. Yes, you can go and marvel at Iguazu Falls’ monumental drop and stay in any nearby hotel, but what about staying right on the edge and watching the cascading water from your bedroom window?’

Iguazu Falls has seen a 160 per cent increase in Google searches in the UK over the last year, according to Coolstays. 

Google searches for ‘top 10 best places to see the Northern Lights’ have increased by 200 per cent in the last year alone while searches for ‘Japan hot springs’ have increased worldwide by 70 per cent, it adds.

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