Superyacht worker reveals weirdest requests she's received from guests

With reality show Below Deck raking in views for letting people into the lives of superyacht crew members, that line of work has never been more intriguing. 

But one superyacht worker, Giselle Azueta, has revealed the weirder side of brushing shoulders with billionaires for work.

The 39-year-old first began working in the industry, which she said is both ‘well-paid’ but ‘superficial,’ a few years ago on a rented yacht. 

While the work was stressful, Giselle loves the sea and has a passion for travelling, and stewardess work quickly became her dream job. 

But, she admitted, she has been faced with some weird requests during her time at sea. 

‘On one occasion, a multimillionaire guest made a proposal that he would pay $10,000, (£7,899), to a crew member who defecated on top of a glass table while he lay under it,’ she recalled.

‘A different guest made the request that he wanted one of the hostesses to be watching him at all times while he ate dinner, and the hostess had to stand in the corner of the dining room, watching him eat dinner.’


She also said that superyacht workers can never use the word ‘no’, as long as the request isn’t sexual or doesn’t threaten the health or life of the crew.

‘Any request, no matter how strange, crazy or strange it may seem, is our duty to do so,’ she said.

She added that the industry has a superficial aspect to it too, with young and stereotypically ‘beautiful’ people more likely to be hired.

‘Superyacht owners also say that the crew has to match their yacht, they have to be as pretty as their yacht,’ she said. 

‘That’s why in this industry you see a lot of young people and beautiful [people], it is a requirement to be fit.’

Currently, Giselle has a jam-packed role on a superyacht, making the calls on all the interiors of the yacht, organising and planning events and looking after admin and accounts. 

‘I am in charge of making all the purchases for the crew, the guest preference list, decoration purchases and guest amenities,’ she said. 

Giselle believes that anyone interested should give the industry a try, suggesting that the benefits of working in the industry outweigh the whacky requests. 

‘You know yourself a lot since you spend a lot of time with yourself,’ she said.

‘It’s a very well-paid industry and it’s also a very superficial industry.

‘But all the incredible places, the views, the sunsets, the friends and friends that you meet from different parts of the world, make it all worth it.

‘The crew becomes your family.’

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