Mrs Hinch fans hail £2 hack to get rid of stubborn toilet limescale

The bizarre cleaning hack to remove unsightly stains from your toilet – and it costs just £2

  • They suggested a really cheap item that most people already have in their homes
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You’ve been scrubbing away at that toilet bowl but those unsightly limescale stains just won’t budge.

And, after spending a fortune on every cleaning product you could get your Marigolds on, your hands feel in a worse state than the loo itself. 

But worry not, there is a simple solution – and it will cost you just £2.

A woman posed a picture on Facebook of her toilet, which had a build-up of nasty limescale around the rim, asking for help (File image)

Fans of Sophie Hinchliffe, AKA cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, have come to the rescue and shared their £2 hack for getting rid of limescale. 

A woman using the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page asked for advice, after battling with her bog.

The woman posted a photo of her loo, with its nasty limescale build-up around the rim. She explained that she had tried all sorts of products, but nothing worked.

She wrote: ‘A family member died recently and I have been cleaning her house before it is sold. I just can’t seem to remove this limescale from the toilet.

‘I have tried Kilrock, Harpic black, white vinegar mixed with bicarbonate of soda, WD40 and scraping with copper coins. Any ideas please?’

Some users on the social media site recommended cleaning products like Astonsh mould and limescale remover or HQ limescale remover.

However, others opted for something more readily available in homes – Coca Cola.

Despite the fact that toilet limescale can be incredibly tricky to remove once it has built up over a long period of time, there is a way to remove it

One person suggested: ‘Try Coke. Put a bottle of Cola all over the toilet pan, leave overnight.’

And another also chimed in saying: ‘Pour a bottle of Coke in there and leave overnight.’

Coca-Cola varies in price, but you can pick up a 1.25litre bottle in Tesco for £2.

And you can also try the cheaper, own brand variant for as little as 65p in Sainsbury’s. 

According to Coca-Cola’s website, the product contains a “small amount” of citric acid, which is why some people use it to clean things like toilets. 

It says: ‘Rumour-mongers have claimed that Coca‑Cola, due to its acidic nature, can be used to clean toilets and corroded car batteries, loosen rusted bolts and remove rust spots from car bumpers, get rid of grease from clothing and clean road haze from windshields.

‘It’s true there is a small amount of edible acid present in Coca‑Cola – just as there is in many foods and drinks. And it’s quite possible that this edible acid could do the things the rumour-mongers claim.’

However, while it might work, the US drinks giant suggests homeowners stick to ‘regular cleaning products’.

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