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FRUSTRATED passengers have hit out at confusing rules on planes that fail to stamp out annoying behaviour.

Flight attendants seem divided on the issue of people playing music out loud on planes without using headphones.

Some cabin crew members say that there are rules against it, while others say there are no real rules to force people to use headphones.

One person encountered the irritating act on a recent flight and complained about it on Reddit.

Their post sparked a debate between people, with some saying airlines had rules against it, while others said there weren't any.

The original post reads: "I posted a few weeks ago about 2 flight attendants who told me that headphones weren’t required to watch videos with sound on United.

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"Today, the lady next to me was watching videos with sound and no headphones while I tried to read.

"I asked her in English, tried again in my broken Spanish, and finally asked the flight attendant when she walked by to translate.

"She paused, said it was ‘an awkward thing because there’s no rule, it’s just a courtesy thing'."

Some people responded with similar stories, with one saying: "The parents sitting across the aisle from me had their kid watching CoComelon and Baby Shark the entire flight without headphones.

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"I asked the flight attendant to make a general announcement about using headphones, to no avail."

Another said: "It's very rude but apparently she wasn't breaking any rules."

However, others say they have had success with flight attendants enforcing a headphone policy.

One said: "FA on my flight yesterday made an announcement and said headphones were required for audio entertainment."

Another wrote: "There was an old lady 4 rows ahead on full blast watching a movie. I dinged the FA and asked if that’s allowed and they shut it down instantly."

A third added: "Was on an American flight a day ago and the 'gotta use your headphones' was an explicit part of the cabin announcements."

Sun Online Travel's resident flight attendant said that passengers should always wear headphones, no matter what they're listening to and said they'd always step in and tell people off for not doing it.

They wrote: "We get into arguments with these people all the time and they act like we're the fun police, rather than the rational people in this situation.

"We don't want to listen to your music, we want to listen to passengers' requests, which coincidentally often involve us demanding that you turn your music down or off.

"Do you think they want to listen to Freed From Desire eight times in a row? No one should want to listen to that song eight times in a row, ever and it's certainly not welcome in our cabin.

"We literally hand out headphones at the start of the flight, and most people bring their own with them too, so please, for everyone's sake, keep your music to yourself, or don't listen to it at all."

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