The hotel room 'crime scene' that is shocking some holidaymakers – but it's not what it seems | The Sun

HOLIDAYMAKERS have been left horrified after stumbling across a "crime scene" in a four-star hotel.

Travellers discovered the seemingly alarming sight while
searching for accommodation with travel site Expedia.

A photograph of the serviced ‘King Suite’ in Bogota, Colombia shows a neutrally-decorated lounge area and kitchenette.

In the middle of the shot, however, there is a black coffee table and
what appears to be large and suspicious stain splattered all over the

But it is not what it seems.

The ‘stain’ is actually the pattern on a cream rug – yet it is was
enough to catch the eye of dozens of shocked travellers on Facebook.

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Under an ad for the hotel, one stunned person wrote: “Why does this
look like a crime scene?!”

Someone else replied: “I thought that too. Fire damage? Shooting?
Table trashed?!”

A third chipped in: “Crime scene rug, a floating worktop and sink,
what other secrets are you hiding in this room?”

And a fourth admitted: “I’ve zoomed in and still can’t work out what’s

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The King Suite is one of several accommodation options on offer at a
hotel called HotelCity Flats in Colombia’s capital Bogotá.

Booking prices for in the King Suite start at £88-per-night.

Sleeping up to three guests, it comes with a 42-inch TV, a kingsize
bed, single sofa bed free WiFi and a desk and ironing board.

Despite the suspect photograph, travellers have rated HotelCity fans
9.2 out of 10 on Expedia.

One review positively reads: “Cosy and very clean. Breakfast was very
good. Location excellent. Definitely I recommend this hotel.”

Another person added: “The city Flats Hotel in Bogota in Zona Rosa is
one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at.

“While it may not be the fanciest hotel or have the most amenities,
the staff and service were exceptional.”

Elsewhere, a casino hotel recently caused a stir when a guest claimed its carpets looked like they were covered in blood.

The gambler had arrived for a short stay and a flutter, but was disturbed at what they saw as a bizarre interior design option.

They shared a picture of the strange flooring on Reddit, to show other people exactly how bizarre it was.

They wrote: "The casino hotel I stayed at a few days ago went with blood stained circuit board as its carpet pattern."

The room in the casino and the one in Bogota might have ended up being nicer than the crime scene some they were, but other hotels turn out to be a lot worse than they appear online.

One guest almost ended up in a crime scene, after he got a room with what he described as "the worst view in the world".

Comedian Neema Naz was staying in a hotel in Alberta, Canada when he made the horrifying discovery.

He said in a video he shared on TikTok: "I'm in my hotel room and I was like 'wow, my blinds are closed – let me get some fresh light in here.'

"To then realise, this is my view – the ladies changing room, with a pool with kids in it.

"How about let me close the blinds actually so I don't get a peeping tom charge."

He added: "This is a terrible place to have a window."

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Meanwhile, this could be Britain's worst hotel, with reviews calling it a "hell hole".

And these are some of the worst hotels in the world, according to review site TripAdvisor.

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