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FUMING cabin crew want to ban passengers from eating a popular snack on planes.

Sunflower seeds are a cheap, tasty and healthy superfood – but there is a reason air hostesses do not want them on board.

One airline worker took to Facebook with a snap of sunflower seeds strewn all over the floor and seats on their plane.

There were far too many seeds for the worker to clear up quickly by hand – creating an annoying chore for them.

They said: "Sunflower seeds should be banned from planes."

Other cabin crew said that the problem was not sunflower seeds but the passengers who eat them.

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Daniel said: "Passengers who cause this kind of mess should be banned from planes, period.

"Passengers get charged for every little fee out there. Perhaps they should be charged a clean up fee, retroactive if they've left the aircraft."

Maria said: "People should go in the hold and their luggage can go in the cabin.

"What unbelievable creatures – who behaves this way?"

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Nick said: "Passengers should be banned full stop these days, they're getting worse and worse."

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