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FLYING is arguably the worst part of travelling, with passengers often left feeling both exhausted and unpleasant.

But people sometimes don't help themselves when they're flying, with a number of mistakes affecting the enjoyment of their trips.

Luckily some frequent travellers have revealed two of the easiest ways passengers can avoid feeling lethargic after a flight, so they can make the most of future holidays.

Speaking to, Janice Johnston, chief medical officer of Redirect Health, said that eating bad food can make people feel worse during and after their journeys.

She said: "Travellers should prioritise eating vitamin-rich foods throughout their trip to boost energy levels."

Passengers should also put rest high up on their list of priorities, especially after a big shift in time difference.

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Kristal Hicks of Top Tier Travel Group also spoke to

She said: "After a serious time-zone change, "I love to take a nap.

"Even if you're someone who can sleep on planes, a proper nap in a bed feels more restful because you get to extend your body."

There are also a couple of other things you can do to help you get over jet lag as quickly as possible.

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Travel experts at have revealed their best tips for acclimatising to a new destination's time zone.

The main advice from the experts is to adjust to the local time when you board the plane.

They suggest eating and sleeping as if it's the time at your destination from the moment you board.

Having your meals at the times you will be once you arrive can help your body adjust, making it easier for you to get your body in sync.

They even suggest eating before you get on your plane if you can, if it fits better with your new schedule.

Sleep is an important part of acclimatising too.

If you're arriving at your destination in the morning, maximising the amount of sleep on the plane is the priority to make sure you are fresh when you arrive, if you need to be.

However, if you are landing in the evening, then it's best to sleep when you arrive, at the same time as the locals.

However, others have suggested doing the complete opposite, and continuing as if you're still in the time zone you were when you left.

Flight attendant Allie Malis said that's how she avoids feeling sluggish when travelling.

She told “You might only be travelling for a few days, it’s going to create jet lag when you adjust to the new time zone and jet lag again when you get back a few days later.

“So possibly staying on your home timezone might be helpful.”

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Meanwhile, you can now get tablets to help you adjust to jet lag.

And having a certain seat on the plane can help you adjust to new time zones more easily.

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