Written by Emily Evans

Want to be a part of something that directly speaks to you and your life right now? Join us live at The Londoner on Sunday 7 November and have the conversations that matter! 

For 18 months we’ve done nothing but look at ourselves. On Zoom meetings, yes; but more than that. We’ve undertaken a huge period of self-reflection and analysis. What makes us happy? Do we feel motivated? Are we on the right path? And what changes do we want to make now?

Next month, Stylist will be heading to London’s hottest It hotel to host Stylist Conversations – a new event dedicated to sharing lockdown lessons and tackling the topics on all of our minds right now. With a line-up of speakers that includes Anne-Marie, Anita Rani and Elizabeth Day, we’ll be talking about love, life, purpose and all the things that matter as 2021 draws to a close.

No Stylist event would be complete without a coveted goody bag filled with beauty gifts from your favourite brands, and rest assured you won’t be disappointed. Expect gifts from cult-favourite Fenty Skin, Murad, Nails Inc and many more. Stay tuned for the full goody bag reveal.

Book tickets to Stylist Conversations

Tickets are £40 and include access to either the morning or afternoon session, an exclusive goody bag worth £80 and two Whitley Neill gin cocktails.

Don’t want to miss any of the action? Book a day ticket, £70, to access both sessions.

Stylist Conversations 2021: what’s on

  • Morning session: 9am-12.45pm

    Stylist Conversations: Russell Amerasekera, Elizabeth Day and Anita Rani

    Finding the courage to speak your truth with journalist and broadcaster Anita Rani

    If the last 12 months has taught us anything, it’s that it’s OK to say I’m not OK. Journalist and broadcaster Anita discusses the power of being vulnerable and emotionally honest.

    The future of friendship (warts and all) with author and podcaster Elizabeth Day

    Lockdown gave us the space to re-evaluate many things – and friendships were a biggie. Author and podcaster Elizabeth Day muses on what that means now for some of our closest relationships. 

    Must we love our work – and should we quit if we don’t? With life and career coach Russell Amerasekera

    Desperate to find a job with greater purpose? As the spike in resignations and retraining gathers pace, life and career coach Russell Amerasekera will address the huge career crossroads many of us are facing.


  • Afternoon session: 1.45-5.30pm

    Stylist Conversations: Paris Lees, Tamu Thomas and Anne-Marie

    Mastering anxiety and self-doubt: how to tell yourself you deserve better with Anne-Marie

    From releasing her critically acclaimed second album, Therapy, to writing her debut book, Anne-Marie has continually campaigned for the conversation surrounding mental health. In our afternoon session, Anne-Marie will be joining us to discuss her journey to mastering anxiety and self-doubt and the importance of telling yourself you deserve better. 

    Are women having fun yet – and why the hell not? With author and podcaster Paris Lees

    Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Throw in a few lists and life admin and, well, where is the fun? Paris Lees debates the very real need for more self-inflicted joy. 

    Health is the new wealth – here’s how to get rich with holistic wellbeing coach Tamu Thomas

    Let’s face it: a pre-pandemic world was a world full of burnout, and we don’t want to go back there. Holistic wellbeing coach Tamu Thomas is on a mission to stop women over-working and under-living. 


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