“Did she think they left in a plane?”

A wild gunfight during a dognapping in Florida somehow left nobody dead.

Ring doorbell cam captured the insane moment a homeowner blindly sprayed her neighborhood with a machine gun as she chased after three suspects who’d just stolen her two micro bully puppies.

The incident occurred in West Park at 7:30 PM on Monday; the woman — who breeds and sells exotic dogs — was at home with her girlfriend when she heard a knock at the door.

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She assumed the three teens at the door were inquiring about the dogs, but she noticed something off.

“What the hell is going on here?” she recalled to Local10. “As soon as I turned around, that’s when he grabbed me, and his boys got all frantic.”

She said one of the males grabbed her and held a gun to her head, and there was a struggle.

“As soon as I turned around, the other guy that was standing here went to put his arm around me, put the gun to my head. I started screaming, trying to wiggle myself out,” she said.

The trio then fled the home with two of her puppies — worth $4000 each.

This is when the insane Ring video shows the three sprinting up the yard, one turning back to aim his gun at the doorway, and according to the woman, firing at her. He even runs back to grab something — which he very nearly sincerely regrets.

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The dog-owner bursts out of the house milliseconds later clutching a semi-automatic weapon, ducking behind the car in the driveway, spraying bullets in the general direction of the fleeing dognappers. Glass and splinters can we seen exploding over her head as they return fire, narrowly missing her.

There were no reports of any neighbors being shot. Police apprehended one 16-year-old suspect with no reported injuries. They won’t know if the other three — including a getaway driver — or indeed either of the puppies, were struck by any of the bullets until they find them.

Broward Sheriff’s Office confirmed the woman would not face any charges, as she was defending her home.

“I would have done anything to protect my girlfriend and my home, and my biggest goal was to make sure she was OK and we live to see tomorrow,” she said.

Twitter however was just thankful no random neighbors were walking by at the time:

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