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BRIT holidaymakers to Spain have been issued two new travel updates, including how to avoid being scammed while there.

The Foreign Office made the changes to its official travel advice this week as millions prepare to flock to Europe for their summer getaways.

The first change gave new guidance on how to report a crime while abroad.

The English-speaking police hotline has now closed and tourists are instead encouraged to go to their nearest police station if they need to report a crime.

The Foreign Office noted that any violent crime or sexual assault must be reported in person at a police station, while less severe crimes can be reported online.

Some Spanish cities offer a Foreign Tourist Assistance Service where crimes can be reported in English.


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It also urged tourists to be on their guard against some particularly effective forms of street crime.

These included distraction thefts, "highway pirates" who stop foreign-registered and rental cars and fake cops who ask for your wallet instead of travel documents.

Secondly, they informed travellers that Spain has now done away with the requirement to wear a face mask in healthcare centres and pharmacies.

This was the last mask-related restriction in the country as a hangover from the pandemic.

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