TRAVELLING for summer holidays can be uncomfortable at the best of times, but the heat can make things even worse.

With this summer's temperatures hitting the 40C mark in the UK and more high temperatures expected both this weekend and in the future, Brits are looking for ways to avoid the effects of the heat.

Travel experts at BluePillow have revealed that the time of day that a person travels can make a big difference in how comfortably they fly, simply because it can help us avoid warmer temperatures.

Their advice is to opt for early morning or later evening flights to ensure that the hot weather isn't adding an extra later of discomfort to our trips.

Flying early can also help avoid delays or cancellations, which have also been a problem for holidaymakers this summer.

They said: "Sometimes flight times can’t be specifically chosen, especially if the days you book are fixed.

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"However, if you do have some flexibility then opt for flights that are either earlier or later in the day.

"These times will be cooler and more comfortable for you when travelling and, especially on flights during the early morning, the earlier the flight takes off the less likely there will be any delays further down the line."

Additionally, BluePillow recommends dressing to beat the heat too.

Dressing for the airport and boarding a plane is usually difficult, but it can be made even harder when travelling during a heatwave.

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Consider, what the weather will be like at your destination before getting ready.

It may be tempting to dress in your summer clothes appropriate for the weather in the UK, but you may find yourself being too cold once you arrive.

In addition, remember once you board the flight and it has taken off, the plane will be air-conditioned and might make you feel too cold.

If you do intend on wearing your summer clothes on the plane, then you should consider bringing extra layers along with you, even just for the plane ride itself, that can be easily put on and then taken off once you arrive – especially if you are visiting another warm country.

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