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A WOMAN has revealed how she made a child cry on a plane by forcing her out of the window seat.

The passenger found the young girl sitting in the seat ahead of the nine hour flight, and insisted she moved so that she could sit down.

The seat had been specifically picked by the woman's father, who even paid extra for her to have the window.

The child started crying as she was moved into the middle seat instead.

This made the woman feel bad, and so she reached out to members of the public on Reddit to ask if she had been the bad guy in the situation.

She wrote on Reddit: "I had a window seat booked for my flight and I was looking forward to it. When I got there, a child was sitting in my seat and her dad in the middle seat.

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"I looked at the dad and pointed at the window seat saying that I think it’s my seat, expecting him to move.

"He looked at me and said she’s a child and pointed at the aisle seat suggesting I take it.

"My dad told me to get my seat because he paid for it and it wasn’t a free seat.

"I told the girl's father this and he asked her to move. She started crying and I felt terrible.

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"The girl moved and sat in the middle. I was also sitting back so she could see out the window.

"Her dad made one or two snide remarks about me wanting my seat so I just wanted to know, am I bad for insisting on sitting in my seat?"

However, the woman found overwhelming support from the public, with many people saying the father of the child was to blame for the situation.

One wrote: "You bought a seat to be able to use it, and the father in this situation knew that the seat he put his child in wasn’t theirs to use."

Another said: "What is this epidemic of people assuming they can take another person's assigned seat? The father can keep his snide remarks to himself."

A third added: "It's your seat. It's paid for. Never feel bad about this."

Arguments over seats are very common on board planes, so much so that flight attendants sometimes have to get involved.

One cabin crew member told Sun Online Travel that they hate having to deal with seat disputes.

They said: "If that's your seat, you have absolutely no obligation to move whatsoever.

"If you want to be friendly and let separated friends, partners, parents, whoever sit next to one another, you're welcome to, but don't feel bad about saying no either."

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