Woman slams fiance for 'ruining holiday' by trying to bring his kids – but people are divided | The Sun

A WOMAN has accused her fiance of ruining their holiday because he tried to bring his children on the trip with them – and people have been surprisingly divided.

The pair had booked a trip away, but had to alter their plans when the man unexpectedly had to look after his kids from a previous marriage.

The woman reached out to social media site Reddit to find out if other people were on her side.

She wrote: "My fiancee (41) is divorced, he shares custody of his 11yo & 7yo with his ex wife.

"Two days before the vacation, his ex called him asking if he'd have the kids.

"He took them immediately for the weekend. As soon as I saw them I lost my temper on him.

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"He said it was okay and that he'd either take them with us or postpone."

However, she then accused him of ruining their holiday plans.

She continued: "I had a huge argument with him and he said that I was ruining the vacation by this reaction, but I told him that he ruined the vacation the minute he took the kids off his ex.

"I ended up going to stay with my friend after that.

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"He's upset with my reaction saying I'm judging him by his circumstance and making him feel bad for wanting to make sure his kids were taken care of."

People on Reddit were divided with a few people on her side.

One said: "I'd stop planning all travel with the fiancee and just travel with friends instead. Or not plan romantic getaways and plan family vacations."

A second added: "He could have dealt with it without forgetting that you exist and can have your own feelings.

"When he blamed you for ruining the vacation, that's because he knew he had screwed up."

However most people slammed her for blaming him for it.

One said: "He’s a parent first. Date a man without kids. You’re not cut out for it, clearly."

A second wrote: "Those are her future children. She needs to take a chill pill and actually act like she wants to join the family."

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