HARRY Potter fans can stay in the "real life" childhood home of the young wizard for just £180 per night.

The 600-year-old property, which featured in the Harry Potter films, is open to the public on Airbnb, for fans who want to relive the story themselves.

De Vere House in Lavenham, Suffolk, is a Grade I listed property dating back centuries, which became even more recognizable after its appearance in the popular Harry Potter film.

The house, and the village that surrounds it, provided the inspiration for Godric’s Hollow.

It was where Harry Potter was born, and where his parents were murdered in the books by Lord Voldemort.

Owners Jane and Tony Ranzetta have lived in the property 20 years and have transformed the building into the guesthouse for fans of the books and films.

Guests can stay in the guest room with two rooms available, each featuring a four-poster bed with en-suite bathroom, as well as a guest sitting room with log fire and a traditional courtyard.

The owners claim that the house directly inspired JK Rowling, having been visited by a companion of hers.

Tony said: "JK Rowling was well acquainted with the village and we know her friend stayed here while she was in the process of writing the books, it was surely in her mind when she created Godric’s Hollow.

“The house is often referred to as ‘The Harry Potter House’ by locals and in the media, and a huge picture of our front door can be seen at the Warner Bros’ exhibition on the making of Harry Potter."

They even claim the house is haunted, with Becky the poltergeist and the ghost Sir Francis De Vere being the inspiration for Nearly Headless Nick.

Guests who want to stay for themselves can still book a night in August, with availability for the rest of the year on Airbnb.

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