HAVE you ever struggled to butter your bread when on a flight?

TikTok account @Hungryhouse says most people have been doing it wrong and suggested an easy and simple hack.

Posting on their channel they suggest placing your butter container on top of your hot flight food for 10-20 seconds.

The butter will melt away and you won't have tasteless frozen butter anymore.

Guaranteeing a smooth and soft landing on your bread.

Butter is chilled with blocks of dry ice in the carts and stored in an area on the aircraft that is chilled creating this easy-to-fix problem we all face when trying to enjoy our bread and butter.

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One commented:" I can't believe I never thought of this earlier after all the years of ruining my bread! "

Another added, " That is the first hack I'll actually use."

A third had a cheeky suggestion: " I put them in your bra LMAO"

Travel experts Blue Pillow have compiled a list that reveals which travel advice from Tik Tok should be taken on board and which should be ignored.

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The travel TikToker suggests warming your butter on your hot foodCredit: TikTok

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