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If we were to believe the romance movies we watched growing up, Valentine’s Day hasn’t been done right unless you’ve spent the equivalent of a house deposit spoiling your special someone.

But as you grow up, you realize that it doesn’t matter how much has been spent on your gift as long as it’s come from the heart, and you can tell some thought has gone into it.

Letterbox gifts are small, heartfelt presents that are able to fit through your letterbox, which are perfect for gifting loved ones when you can’t be together. Even if you are seeing each other on Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing quite like receiving an unexpected gift to make you feel extra-special.

In order to help you find a budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift under £20, we’ve found the 18 best letterbox gift ideas in the UK for 2021, so keep scrolling through to see the full guide.

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La Jolíe Muse Damask Rose Scented Candle, £17.99

Roses are undoubtedly symbolic of romance on Valentine’s Day, but instead of gifting your loved one a bouquet of overpriced, rapidly dying blooms, go for this luxurious rose-scented candle from La Jolíe Muse.

The indulgent candle burns for between 65 and 75 hours and will fill the home with the unmistakable scent of roses.

Buy now: Amazon (£17.99)

Sienna Hoodie Blanket, £19.99

Valentine’s Day kicks take place in cold and miserable February, meaning those traditionally sultry lingerie sets won’t be nearly as appreciated as this cosy hoodie blanket from Amazon.

Buy: Amazon (£19.99)

Neal’s Yard Remedies Soothing Bath Oil, £15

Those who love nothing more than relaxing in a hot bath after a long day will cherish this soothing bath oil from Neal’s Yard that has been made from a blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils.

Buy: Amazon (£15)

Sansevaria Indoor Plant, £14.99

One of the easiest house plants to care for, Sansevieria (or Mother in Laws Tongue as it is commonly known) is a great gift for both well-seasoned plant parents and those who are notorious for killing off their plant babies.

Buy: Amazon (£14.99)

Menkind Wine Bottle Accessory Set, £13

Housed in a stylish black box that is the size and shape of a wine bottle, this accessory kit comes with all the tools wine lovers need to open and take care of their vino.

Buy: Amazon (£13)

Menkind Personalised ‘Wine O’clock’ Bottle Butler, £12

An evening glass of wine is the highlight of many people’s days, and you can help make it a little more special with this personalised bottle butler that has space for the bottle and two wine glasses for easy transportation.

Buy: Amazon (£12)

Neom Organics London Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist, £20

A well-formulated pillow mist can help those who struggle to get to sleep in the evening to drift off and stay asleep all night long.

There’s no gift better than the gift of a good night’s sleep, and this mist that is made with 14 relaxing essential oils will put you in your partner’s good books for many evenings to come.

Buy: John Lewis (£20)

The Letterbox Candyfloss Gypsophilia, £18

Searching online for flowers in the lead up to Valentine’s Day can make it seem like the only way to send your lover a bouquet is by dropping £100 on a fancy arrangement of roses, but there is another way.

This bouquet of Candyfloss Gypsophilia on Moonpig comes in at just £18 and will absolutely brighten your partner’s day just as much as an expensive one would.

Buy: Moonpig (£18)

The Letterbox Spray Carnations, £20

For an extra £2, you can upgrade your bouquet to one made with stunning carnations, which are long-lasting and colourful.

Buy: Moonpig (£20)

Chocolate Games Controller, £12

Buying an actual game for your gamer partner this Valentine’s Day would exceed a £20 budget, but this delicious chocolate games controller will be just as thoughtful and romantic without breaking the bank.

Buy: Moonpig (£12)

Personalised Valentine’s Prosecco, £16

A touch of personalisation will make popping a bottle of prosecco far more romantic, and the added touch will definitely not go unnoticed.

Buy: Moonpig (£16)

Sent With Love Chocolate Pizza, £13

You can’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day without putting away an obscene amount of chocolate, and this chocolate pizza is made from Belgian milk chocolate sprinkled with red chocolate drops, milk and white-coated crispy rice balls, white chocolate curls and a dusting of glitter – yum.

Buy: Moonpig (£13)

Giant I Love You Cadbury Dairy Milk, £15

A regular size Dairy Milk just won’t cut it on Valentine’s Day. We’re afraid – you’ll need to go bigger and better. Like this giant 500g mammoth chocolate bar that you can get personalised with a declaration of love for added romance.

Buy: Moonpig (£15)

Personalised Beer Valentines Trio, £13

Make the beer fan in your life feel extra special this V-Day with a trio of personalised beers that are just for them.

Buy: Moonpig (£13)

Bloompost Flower Puzzle Letterbox Gift, £17.40

Not everyone likes having flowers in their home, but the sentiment can still be there with this stunning letterbox gift puzzle that is suitable for young and old.

Buy: Not On The High Street (£17.40)

Pink Relax Box for Her, £15.50

Help your special someone relax and rejuvenate with this luxurious pamper kit that comes with all the goodies they need for an incredible night in.

Buy: Etsy (£15.50)

Cornish Candle Gift Box Set, £18

Coming with a luxurious soy wax candle of your choice and a bar of natural cold-pressed soap, this is a great gift set for those who enjoy being treated to the finer things.

Buy: Etsy (£18)

16 Handmade Chocolate Brownies, £14.50

Help your lover indulge their sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day with a batch of 16 mouth-watering handmade chocolate brownies in four unique flavours.

Buy: Etsy (£14.50)

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