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FORGET lumpy sanitary towels and uncomfortable tampons, invest in period pants in 2023 and you won't look back.

With absorbent layers and a reusable design, period pants are sustainable, cost less in the long run and are more comfortable to use than many regular menstrual products.

Innovative companies are looking for ways to reduce human waste and are constantly trying to come up with eco-friendly alternatives for everyday products.

And with half of women admitting they've NEVER felt comfortable on their period, it's no wonder period pants have taken off.

If you've always wanted to try them out but are unsure exactly how they work, read on as we answer your questions and round up the 9 best period pants brands available to buy now.

What are period pants?

Period pants are an innovative sanitary product that aims to replace wasteful sanitary products, such as pads and tampons.

They are leakproof underwear made from a fabric that is designed to absorb and wick away liquid to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

How do period pants work?

Period pants are made of three or four different layers of fabric.

The fluid is wicked away from the body and is trapped in the layers of fabric to stop it from leaking onto your clothes or sheets.

Different materials are used by different brands but the most common include cotton, bamboo and merino wool.

They also come in a range of absorbencies for different flows. If you're concerned about whether your periods are 'normal', we recently discussed how heavy should your period be – and when you must see your GP.

How long do period pants last?

The lifetime of your pair of period pants will depend on how well you look after them – but according to a statistic, moving to reusable period pants saves the same amount of carbon emissions as over 65,000 return flights from London Heathrow to New York City!
Most period pants will need to be hand-washed but it's best you treat your pair according to the individual brand's instructions.

Fans of the product say that a single pair can last up to two years depending on the care level and the usage.

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