So bad it’s good! Amateur photographers share hilarious wildlife moments that didn’t go as planned – from a pigeon photobombing a seagull to a racoon protecting its modesty

  • Amateur photographs proved they still need to hone their skills with these snaps
  • The pictures include a raccoon protecting his modesty when caught eating food
  • Another bizarre image showed one pigeon hilariously photobombing a seagull
  • While other photographers failed to focus their cameras for their blurry snaps

Timing is essential when trying to immortalise an unexpected wildlife moment on camera.

And these amateur photographers from around the world proved they still need to hone their skills behind the lens after sharing a selection of their hysterical nature snaps on social media.

The bizarre pictures, collated by Bored Panda from Facebook group C**p Wildlife Photography, include a pigeon photobombing a seagull and a raccoon seemingly protecting its modesty. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best – or worst depending on your view – wildlife moments caught on camera by these wannabe photographers.

Amateur photographers from around the world proved they still need to hone their skills after a selection of their unfortunate wildlife snaps, including a photobombing pigeon, were shared to social media

Another snap, which proved timing is everything when capturing a wildlife moment, showed a Capybara bizarrely getting nipped by an angry goose in an unknown location

One rodent had a rather unusual reaction when caught on camera stealing food from one person’s bird feeder in Indiana – he hilariously felt the need to protect his modesty

One amateur photographer, whose location is unknown, proved he has room for improvement after taking a picture of a bird, but capturing the moment its wings were pinned to its body

Another photographer was left gobsmacked after hilariously seeing a lazy seagull hitching a ride on the back of a swan

One photographer, whose location is unknown, was taken aback after realising their lovely picture of a squirrel ended up being much more rude than they had initially anticipated

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One photographer attempted to take a ‘sweet photo of a sparrow having a bath’ but quipped that it seemed to instead show ‘two sparrows committing a murder’

Another person, whose location is unknown, attempted to snap a quick close-up picture of a frog but got a horrifying result when the amphibian unexpectedly leapt through the air

A speedy frog got the better of one photographer, believed to be from the US, who only managed to get a snap of the back of its legs after it quickly jumped out of their hot tub

One photographer ended up with a hilarious result after taking a photograph of three otters – which appeared to be staring them down

One woman helped a raccoon that couldn’t get up the slippery river bank, but was repaid by the animal shaking water all over her – a hysterical moment that was also caught on camera

One shocked homeowner, whose location is unknown, came down to their bathroom one morning to unexpectedly find a massive Komodo dragon taking a quick nap next to their toilet 

One photographer, from Denver, Colorado, got more than they bargained for after taking a snap of a horned owl on their roof – but ended up with this disgusting sight instead

Another photographer proved they have to work on their angles after taking this unflattering picture of a seagull perching on their glass roof

One shopper, whose location is unknown, was left completely baffled after being faced with hoards of black birds that eerily took over this car park

What was meant to be a stunning wildlife picture turned out to be something much more amusing when this eagle was caught swearing at the photographer in Colorado

And yet another photographer proved how important focusing the camera is, as they got this crystal clear image of some metal railings, rather than the wildlife snap they planned for

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