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THE temperature outside is almost arctic, and there is no better way to keep your whole body warm than with a pair of heated socks.

Whether you are about to embark on extreme winter sports and need extra layers of warmth or planning on cosying up on the sofa to watch your favourite Christmas movie, heated socks are an absolute must.

According to research, it's crucial to keep your feet warm when the temperature begins to fall. Keeping your feet toasty will help you feel better overall and keep your immune system functioning at its peak.

Most heated socks are operated via rechargeable batteries and can emit heat for anywhere between seven and ten hours on average.

We recommend looking for heated socks with temperature control settings that allow you to regulate how warm the socks will get. Incredibly, some socks can reach a temperature of 70 degrees – perfect for those days out in the snow.

We've compiled a list of the best-heated socks available for men right now that are guaranteed to keep your feet warm, dry and cosy all winter long.

Best heated socks for men at a glance

  • Best value socks: Winter Electric Heating Socks
  • Best battery-powered socks: Begleri Heated Socks Men
  • Best for outdoors: SNOW DEER 7.4V 2200MAH Heated Socks
  • Best for very cold feet: iHEAT Heated Socks for Men
  • Best for winter sports: Sporvet Men Heated Socks
  • Best for long-lasting warmth: True Rechargeable Electric Fast Warm Socks
  • Best splash-out option: Therm-IC Powersock
  • Best thermal socks: Heat Holders Mens Insulated Thermal Socks
  • Best multipack: 4 Pairs Mix Color Self-Heating Socks
  • Best high-tech socks: Heated Thermal Socks Men

Begleri Heated Socks Men

  • Begleri Heated Socks Men, £59.99 from Amazon – buy here

Available in sizes UK 4 to UK 13, these heated socks only take five seconds to heat up and provide over ten hours of continuous warmth.

The socks take three hours to charge to 100%, and the various temperature settings range from 40 to 70 degrees. The temperature dial is conveniently located on the battery pack that slots into the side of the sock.

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Perfect for outdoor activities in the winter, they feature a warm inside lining, padded heel and reinforced toe for maximum comfort.


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Therm-IC Powersock

  • Therm-IC Powersock, £249.99 from Shoe Insoles – buy here

The Therm-IC Powersocks aren't cheap, but they guarantee toasty feet for up to an impressive 16 hours.

The two pairs of socks have reinforced shin, ankle and instep, making them great for wearing when skiing or other winter sports.

The socks are available in up to UK size 12.5 and are easily machine washable at 30 degrees.

iHEAT Heated Socks for Men

  • iHEAT Heated Socks for Men, £45.99 from Amazon – buy here

These 80% cotton heated socks are comfortable, stretchy and easy to wear all day. They are perfect for wearing outdoors in the snow or rain as they are both absorbent and quick-drying.

The socks reach a temperature of up to 65 degrees, and one charge provides up to nine hours of warmth. The temperature setting dial is handily located on the side of the sock for easy access.

True Rechargeable Electric Fast Warm Socks

  • True Rechargeable Electric Fast Warm Socks, £48.91 from Amazon – buy here

If you're after a pair of heated socks that will keep your feet warm all day, this pair from Fantaseal is the best option.

These socks take three hours to charge and last an incredible 12 hours. Even on the highest temperature setting of 55 degrees, the socks will remain warm for eight hours.

Sizing options are L or XL that fit shoe sizes of UK 8.5 to 13.5.

SNOW DEER 7.4V 2200MAH Heated Socks

  • SNOW DEER 7.4V 2200MAH Heated Socks, £89.99 from Amazon – buy here

With sizes ranging from UK 3.5 to UK 13, these unisex socks are a must-have for those that experience cold feet or suffer from conditions such as arthritis.

Heat is concentrated particularly around the toes and heel, and one charge will last up to six hours.

The warm inner lining is soft on the skin, and thanks to the long length of the socks, you can keep your shin and knees warm from the cold.

Sporvet Men's Heated Socks

  • Sporvet Men's Heated Socks, £79.99 from Amazon – buy here

If you're planning on a winter full of extreme snow sports and outdoor activities, you won't want to miss out on packing Sporvet's heated socks.

Designed specifically for the outdoors, the socks feature a large heating area that runs across the base of the foot.

Various temperature settings reach a maximum of 70 degrees, and the socks will provide six to ten hours of constant warmth.

Winter Electric Heating Socks

  • Winter Electric Heating Socks, £19 from Light In The Box – buy here

Heated socks don't have to be expensive, and this pair for just £19 proves it.

These super stretchy and lightweight knee-high socks come with additional support around the ankle and shin and a reinforced toe and heel.

Heat is distributed across the leg and foot, keeping your entire lower half toasty.

The sock temperature is controlled via a small black box that has a handy sleeve on the top of the sock for storage when not in use.

Heated Thermal Socks Men

  • Heated Thermal Socks Men, £34 from Light In The box – buy here

Heated socks just got a high-tech upgrade as this pair from Light In The Box connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Using the app, turn the heat on and off and control the precise temperature of the socks. This nifty feature is great if you're planning on wearing them out and about and need to make some quick adjustments.

The socks require six AA batteries that are sold separately.

4 Pairs Mix Color Self-Heating Socks

  • 4 Pairs Mix Color Self-Heating Socks, £8.97 from Amazon – buy here

This four-pair set of socks is self-heating thanks to the design on the bottom that warms up the longer the socks are worn.

They are made from high-strength cotton that stretches well and moulds to the foot. The socks are thinner than most others, so can easily be worn with trainers or slippers around the house.

One size fits all, and there are many different colours available.

Heat Holders Mens Insulated Thermal Socks

  • Heat Holders Mens Insulated Thermal Socks, £22.49 from Amazon – buy here

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Whilst not battery-operated, these insulated socks are made from thermal yarn that provides high-performance insulation.

The pack of three come in a range of colours and each sock has a 2.34 tog rating making them seven times warmer than regular cotton socks.

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