Many people try to find easy 'hacks' and shortcuts when it comes to cooking their food.

However, one bloke found out the hard way that you shouldn't try every handy hint out there.

This is because the man, New Zealand, ended up setting fire to his home while trying to cook steak in a toaster.

While trying to cook his bit of meat in the toaster, the guy then decided to leave it unattended while he popped out to his local fish and chip shop for chips to go with his meal.

Unsurprisingly, when he returned to his home, he found it had been engulfed in flames, with the blaze badly damaging the property he shared with his partner.

And according to reports, the guy has since demanded more money from his insurance company to pay for the cost of repairs.

He reportedly received $418,000 (£211,709) for the damage, which is the maximum available to him under his policy.

However, dissatisfied with this, he contacted the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman (IFSO), claiming the insurer should pay a further $200,000 (£101,270).

Unfortunately for him, it turned out that his policy terms had changed, meaning it no longer covered replacement, instead just the total sum insured.

After he was turned away, the insurer said it had done all it could in the circumstances.

Speaking to, Karen Stevens, from the IFSO, said it's vital people understand fully the terms of their insurance agreement.

She said: "Every year, everyone with insurance policies receives a renewal offer that can amend or change the policy that they originally signed.

"I can't stress highly enough the need to read each renewal letter carefully. Most insurers now offer total sum insurance, meaning your house is insured for a set price.

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"If you don't do your homework and insure your house for too low a sum insured, you could find yourself unable to rebuild your home.

"The sum insured should be what it would cost to rebuild, not what it's worth on the market."

She added: "Your acceptance of the new terms is often the next payment of your premium."

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