Twitter had a field day with their grievances against the CNN host.

Chris Cuomo found himself barraged with online ridicule after he challenged a social media user to give an example of him showing bias.

After the critic said the CNN host “constantly” denies facts he doesn’t like in a thread on Thursday, Cuomo hit back, posting “Name one. Tick Tock.”

Immediately after Cuomo’s clock started running, Twitter users began dragging him with a list of grievances, beginning with the reports of Chris being solicited for guidance by his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo in the midst of Andrew’s sexual harassment scandal.

“Pretty much anything related to your brother’s governorship,” one follower posted, as another wrote, “The fact your brother consulted you for PR advice says everything we need to know about him and you.”

Other tweets pointed to the claims Cuomo was caught breaking quarantine after announcing he had COVID-19 when a cyclist in the Hamptons called him out for unnecessary travel, which ended up with Chris allegedly berating the cyclist.

“Remember that time you left your basement with COVID and actually got in a fight with someone,” shared one critic, as another tweeted, “You broke quarantine while actually sick with COVID.”

Chris giving air time to conspiracy theorist Rebekah Jones and disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti was also a point of contention for the Twitter-verse.

Perhaps the best response to sum up the rising tide of backlash came as one social media user posted, “I don’t think this tweet is going to go well.”

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