Queen needs break from royal drama amid health concerns says expert

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When obligations conflict, emotional tension can rise to the surface today. The Leo Sun will form a square with the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus in the morning, which can point to a crisis of consciousness, according to Cafe Astrology. Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for August 19.

In astrology, the Sun signifies authority, power and dominance and while transiting in certain signs, certain qualities – particularly regarding these areas – become more prominent.

Fire sign Leo is known to be fiercely proud, confident, and creative.

While the Sun transits in Leo, the energy tends to be more jovial and tolerant, according to Astrology TV.

On the flip side, Astrology TV said: “This is also a time when egos can run riot over the very best of intentions.

“Leo loves attention and doesn’t really care whether it’s negative or positive attention, so long as everyone’s talking.”

When the Last Quarter Moon squares the bold Leo Sun, tensions are more likely to stir.

Tarot.com said: “We’ve tolerated frustrating situations, but as the stubborn Taurus Moon squares the dramatic Leo Sun and then conjoins aggressive Mars, perhaps we’ve finally had enough.”

It might also spark an impetus to tie up loose ends and organise yourself.

Cafe Astrology said: “We’re ready to sort out what works for us–and what doesn’t. It’s not an ideal time to start a major project, but it’s an excellent time to tidy up details.

“We might consider recent revelations, what they mean to us, and what to do about them.”

The Moon will enter communicative and adaptable Gemini at 1.07pm BST, which can help the harder discussions of the day flow more naturally.

However, a reality check is in store for when the Sun forms a quincunx with Pluto later in the afternoon.

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Astrology King said: “ Pluto brings emotional sensitivity and psychic perception.

“Intense emotional reactions could lead to a karmic relationship or personal transformation.”

This alignment can point to adjustments necessary for self-development.

But, Cafe Astrology said: “Until we discover how to make these changes, we can feel a little disgruntled or tense. Fears of loss or jealousy could emerge.”

Venus will form a minor square with Neptune soon after, draping a veil of naivety over thoughts and approaches.

Cafe Astrology said it might “seduce us into believing things we want to believe.

“While glossing over the more realistic points, details, and flaws of circumstances and people might feel good at the moment, it’s best to hold off on making important purchases or relationship decisions until the veil lifts.”

The void Moon occurs from 12.06pm, with the Moon’s last aspect changing signs to a conjunction with Mars.

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