Horoscopes: Expert offers advice to This Morning callers

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The Moon is at the centre of the horoscope today, alongside Uranus and Venus. You can expect a bit of tension in your relationship or a short-lived fling if you’re single. Express.co.uk reveals the horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for September 24.

The Moon is in earthy, stable Taurus today, which is good news for all of us.

Typically when the Moon is in Taurus, we all have a tendency to indulge in the pleasures of life.

You’re more likely to want to relax, go out and dance, and treat yourself to lots of new, luxurious items.

Even though the Moon spends the day in the steady, comfortable sign of Taurus, it is opposed by Uranus.

Cafe Astrology said: “The Moon taps into the Uranus-in-Taurus side of the opposition today.

“We want to get comfortable, but we seem to need to do things a little differently. Earthy activities and sensual pleasures appeal now more than usual, and we’re not as inclined to go out of our way.

“Even so, we crave some variety and feel the desire to innovate. This transit can tempt us to overindulge our whims.

“While we might crave companionship and independence, and these appear to be at odds now, a compromise is within reach.”

Tarot.com reckons the Uranus alignment with the Moon will force us to break out of our routine.

The site reads: “Emotional matters might pull at our heartstrings in the afternoon thanks to a complicated angle from Venus.

“However, those feelings will be fleeting, and a night of creature comforts is encouraged.”

Your love life is going to be a little bit tricky today, but this will resolve tomorrow when Venus is no longer opposing Uranus.

Astrology King said: “If you already have a partner, an unexpected event may cause a lot of tension.

“It may be that your need for a change or excitement in the bedroom is rejected.

“Even flirting may lead to some drama in the relationship.

“A healthy relationship would endure such transgressions and a permanent separation, but this weekly horoscope would more likely lead to a rapid separation.”

If single then there are many options for you today, apparently.

Astrology King said: “If dating then a new romance now would certainly be exciting.

“It is most likely, however, that it would turn out to be a short-lived relationship.

“However, if you are the unorthodox type and need your freedom, a new relationship with a similar person could even lead to marriage.”

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