Summer is here and that means many people will be rocking less in order to stay cool in the hot weather.

However for some, showing certain parts of their body may heighten some insecurities they were able to cover up in colder weather.

Fear not though – as body positive influencer Emily Bispo is on the case to instil self-love in her adoring 1.3 million TikTok followers.

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The 23-year-old, also known as Bunny, often posts body confident clips that rack up thousands upon thousands of views.

She previously branded herself a “hot chubby girl” as she basked in the sun in a fiery patterned bikini.

This time around Emily has declared that she ‘doesn’t care’ how bloated she is and that she will wear whatever she wants regardless of her tum.

The dark-haired beauty donned a pink crop top and a patterned mini skirt that exposed her belly.

As she posed for the camera and wiggled her hips, she announced: “One thing about me is I don’t care how bloated I am, I will dress however I want.

“Belly is poking out? Ok who cares?

“Life is short, wear the crop top and mini skirt”, she urged her fans.

But the body confidence preaching did not stop there, Emily even encouraged her adoring followers to be a sl**.

She said in the caption: “Wear what you want, love who you love, be a sl**, I [love] you.”

Inspired by Emily’s belly loving display, many people fled to the comments to praise the influencer for helping them embrace their own bodies.

One person commented: “And it always looks so good.”

Another user added: “You literally give me so much confidence babes.”

A third person voiced: “Bellies have always been cute.”

Someone else praised: “Thank you so much for this, you don't know how much it helps with my self esteem and confidence.”

And, a fifth person shared: “This is the energy I'm taking on this summer cuz I'm not losing any more time worrying about my belly.”

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