EastEnders’ Patrick star Rudolph Walker’s life including Teletubbies role

He’s been a mainstay on our screens for decades now and has enjoyed a wide range of roles to put his acting chops to the test, from the likes of Teletubbies to EastEnders.

But don’t expect him to slow down anytime soon. Despite being 83-years-old, he recently toldMetro: “Retiring? What’s that?! No, I enjoy it, I enjoy being there, I enjoy working."

"I’m sure there are going to be storylines that are going to come up, having been here for a number of years. I’m sure there are exciting things in the pipeline,” he added.

Rudolph’s early life

Rudolph Walker CBE, was born in San Juan in Trinidad and Tobago, where he began acting at the young age of eight. He signed up to Derek Walcott's Trinidad Theatre Workshop, becoming its youngest member.

His passion for the stage took him to the UK, where the training was believed to be superior to what was being offered for actors in the United States, somewhere he originally had intended on moving to.

When did he join EastEnders?

Rudolph’s best known role is as Patrick in EastEnders, where he’s been a fixture since 2001.

In the show, he plays the role of Patrick Neville Loftus Alfonso Trueman, a Trinidadian-born immigrant and a long-standing resident of Albert Square.

The star shows no signs of leaving Albert Square,saying: “No, I enjoy it, I enjoy being there, I enjoy working.”

What other roles has he played?

Rudolph has played a variety of roles on our screens over the years, featuring in Doctor Who and Mr Bean, amongst many others.

And other than the world of soap, he’s built an impressive portfolio of work, especially in film.

He’s also played characters in the movies 10 Rillington Place, King Ralph and Let Him Have It.

And he’s been known to embrace his fun side, too. He lent his voice to the British children's television series Teletubbies, in which he renarrated the opening and closing sequences for the American dubbed version and voiced some of the voice trumpets for both the British and American versions.

Charity work

Outside of his passion for acting, Rudolph is dedicated to helping others. In 2009, he set up The Rudolph Walker Foundation to help disadvantaged youth to get a career in the arts.

Created on his 70th birthday, the charity helps "to provide inspirational role models and positive activities which empower young people to overcome the obstacles which they may face in life, and build positive futures, as limitless as their imaginations."

The TV star’s charitable efforts have been recognised by the royal family, awarding Rudolph with the high honour of an OBE last year.

What about his love life?

Rudolph has been married three times — first, to Lorna Ross in 1968, but they divorced after having two children together, Sheona and Darren Walker.

He later married fellow Trinidadian Dounne Alexander, in 1998, but that union also ended.

He’s currently with Evangeline Vincent, who he married in 2016.

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