Family-of-18 show off vast mansion with huge dining table and swanky gym

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Ever wondered what a family -of-18's home looks like?

Tiffany and Benji Nelson, from the US, are proud parents to 16 children aged between five months to 22 years of age.

The couple often give fans an insight to their lives by posting updates on their YouTube and Instagram accounts.

And if you've ever been curious as to how much space 18 people need, then you're about to find out.

The family shared a glimpse of their huge mansion which boasts a kitchen, dining room, outdoor chill out areas and several bathrooms.

Not only does their property cover the basics, the Nelson household also features a gym, huge dressing room and an office.

Inside the three-storey house, the children and parents all live on the upper two levels.

There's an enormous family room that features a huge sofa and a massive TV along with a piano for the music fans of the household.

Generally the Nelsons enjoy their meals with a seat for every member of the 18-strong family on the table.

But if they're not sitting down, mum Tiffany says they use a lazy Susan table which is easier for the kids to pass food around.

You'll be surprised at the family's fridge as the mum revealed that she shops weekly so the food can fit comfortably in their cupboards.

She admitted: "I only shop for one week's worth of groceries because if I did it two weeks I would have six carts no joke."

The family also have two dishwashers which are often used to clean up the dirty plates.

And Tiffany said the couple's master bedroom comes with a huge ensuite bathroom with an adjoining nursery room.

That's where the youngest child Ledger has his own nursery room and a little bathroom where his mum bathes him.

In the YouTube video, Tiffany showed off the family's staircase which features adorable photos of the kids and couple.

The home gym doesn't come with basic equipment either as the clip shows a variety of dumbbells and benches inside the room.

Tiffany and Benji are parents to Kenn, 22, Kass, 20, Bridger, 20, JourNee, 20, Trey, 18, Jaine, 16, Lilee, 13, SaiDee, 11, NayVee, 11, Luke, 10, PaisLee, seven, DeLayNee, seven, PresLee, five, ElleCee, five, Beckham, four, and Ledger, who is five months old.

The mum documents the family's hectic life on their YouTube account where they have over 740,000 subscribers.

Previously, Tiffany revealed what their family eats in a week which can sometimes cost £399.

She has a clever system to making sure she doesn't spend too much time in the supermarket, like writing a shopping list.

And their Instagram account has over 93,800 followers who are able to catch a glimpse of their family life.

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