Pregnant Nicolette horrified by sex offer over theft in Neighbours

Having had her hand forced by Audrey (Zahra Newman) when she came clean about the money theft, Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) was forced to confess too, and now the reality of her actions are about to hit hard in Neighbours.

Nicolette knew there would be ramifications – losing her job was one inevitability, but when someone comes to town wanting revenge, it’s more than she could ever have prepared herself for. But now that she’s pregnant the stakes are higher than before.

David (Takaya Honda) is still struggling to accept what Nicolette has done and the situation they are now in, so he avoids spending time at home. This deeply hurts Aaron (Matt Wilson) and he’s troubled by his husband’s unwavering stance on Nic’s actions – he cannot forgive her and is terrified for their future. Aaron wants him to be excited about their baby and can’t understand why he’s not, and a wedge begins to grow between the pair.

And if truth be told, Aaron is growing more and more concerned himself for what lies ahead, how can he face their new family without his husband by his side?

Little do they know that Nic is not only stressing herself out by trying to prove herself to David, she is facing another battle – Ricardo, the son of the man she stole from, is in town. He wants payback, and Nic is about to find out exactly what this means. How far will he go to get it?

Having prepared herself for the meeting, Nic desperately hopes David will see it as a sign of her facing her indiscretions and trying to make amends, and when Ricardo tells her he wants the money, she resolves to get a job to earn it back. She’ll do what it takes to make things right, but little does she know what he really wants.

She applies at Harold’s, but Dipi (Sharon Johal) gives her a firm no. Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) comes to the rescue and guilts Dipi into employing her, and Nic gets the job she needs.

But it’s not enough, Ricardo wants more than just money and he offers the pregnant café worker a way to pay off her debt that doesn’t involve cash changing hands, just her forfeiting her dignity and climbing into bed with him. Nic is horrified, but could she consider sleeping with Ricardo to get him out of her life?

Scenes air from Monday 11th January on Channel 5.

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