Google Maps removes the royal edition of its mascot ‘Pegman’ – affectionately dubbed ‘PegMa’am’ – from Street View following the death of the Queen

  • PegMa’am  was created in 2015 as Queen became longest reigning Brit monarch
  • In September that year, the monarch surpassed Queen Victoria’s record
  • Since, those using Street View near Buckingham Palace could use PegMa’am
  • But following the death of Her Majesty on September 8, Google removed figure 
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Google Maps fans have noticed a sobering change has been made to the app following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Her Majesty died peacefully at Balmoral on September 8, aged 96. Since then, the company has got rid of a special ‘Easter Egg’ royal fans could enjoy when using Street View mode.

When switching to this mode, a small yellow human-shaped figure, known as PegMan, that users can make move around the map, appears.

For those in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace, the figure would don a crown, white frock, and blue sash, in a facsimile of the Queen. This special character was known as PegMa’am. 

PegMa’am would also appear around other royal residences including Windsor Castle and Balmoral Castle in Scotland. 

Her Majesty (pictured in London in 2011) used to feature on Google Maps’ street view mode, in the form of a special edition PegMan, which was initially implemented in 2015, and wore a crown, long white gown, and blue sash

PegMa’am (pictured) was the special royal edition of Google Maps mascot PegMan, released in 2015 to celebrate the royal becoming the longest reigning British monarch. It has been quietly removed since the Queen died earlier this month

The special character was introduced on September 9, 2015, to commemorate Queen Elizabeth becoming the longest reigning British monarch.

On that day, she overtook Queen Victoria who reigned for 63 years and 216 days.

Her Majesty was reported to have made it known that she didn’t want undue recognition of this milestone, on account of celebrating beating another royal’s record being poor form.

To mark her becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history, Buckingham Palace released a photograph of the monarch, showing her hard at work reading government correspondence.

The photo shows her working her way through official letters in the audience room at Buckingham Palace, which is dotted with framed snaps of her family, among them Prince Harry and the Queen Mother. 

This 2015 photograph of the Queen was released to mark the moment she became the longest reigning British monarch

Beside her is one of her trademark black patent ‘Judy’ handbags by British manufacturer Launer, while around her neck is a triple string of perfectly matched white pearls. She also wears a pink sapphire and diamond brooch.   

The photograph was taken by Mary McCartney, the daughter of Beatles star Paul who famously sang of the Queen being ‘a pretty nice girl’ in the song Her Majesty which was released on the famous Abbey Road album 45 years ago.

According to royal sources, the official portrait was the 46-year-old’s idea.

‘Having grown up during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II it was a thrill to meet her and a very great privilege to take her photo on this historic occasion,’ said McCartney.

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