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A suspicious friend will come to you with complaints about someone who has done something behind their back. You can understand why this other person acted in this way but even as you try to explain this, you will know you aren’t going to be believed.


As a Taurus you work hard and you play hard. Your mood now is a self-indulgent one and you shouldn’t feel guilty if it’s hard to get going with your usual routines. Take the day off. Relax and choose activities you enjoy and that help you feel good about yourself, your life and your relationships.


You have deliberately set some time aside to attend to new family or domestic arrangements. There will be moans and groans from some members of your family. Once you have persuaded them to see the improvements this is likely to bring, there will be a surge of positive and enthusiastic activity.


A lot of your time and energy will be focused on setting affairs at home in order. You’re taking an organised and efficient approach to getting things done and others will be happy to leave some responsibilities in your care when it is clear you know exactly what you are doing.


A difficult decision is delayed as you listen to the objections of someone who is trying to help and guide you. Their suggestions will only serve to confuse you even more. If you rely on your natural common sense it will be easier for you to come to the right conclusions. Your own judgement is the soundest.


Someone you work with in a business or voluntary capacity will try to offload some of their duties onto you. Stay alert and vigilant as they will do this in such a subtle way that you may not realise what is going on until you’ve actually done the job for them.


Someone in the family will get hold of the wrong end of the stick during a heated conversation. This is your chance to live up to your role as peace maker and you can do this by explaining the real facts of the situation in a way that everyone understands.


If aspects of a job you are working on are starting to get on top of you there will be plenty support from a practical and sensible friend. They will help you see things in a more objective way and help you realise the sense of sitting on an excessive desire for perfection.


Today presents your best chance to attend to private appointments relating to the family. A discreet meeting will be held in a place you have never been to before and the purpose behind all this will be to arrange a secret family celebration.


Despite the sociable mood around you there will be times when you will feel a need to be alone. Changes in your private world need some consideration and you understand that even though this will bring some upheaval, it will be for the best.


It will be family, friends and other people who seem to get in the way of your day. Because of this your original plans could be considerably delayed. Unexpected visitors or telephone calls just as you were about to go out could make you miss a bus, train or appointment.


A home improvement project will keep you active and occupied. This will be more pleasurable than you had originally expected it to be. A relative or neighbour will drop by unexpectedly. Their presence and the help they offer will add some entertainment and humour to a laborious task.

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