I live in a renovated van with my dog – it’s not always idyllic, I have a pee jug instead of a toilet for starters | The Sun

WHILE living in a renovated van sounds incredible from the outside, one woman has shared the harsh realities of what she goes through every day. 

Court shared a clip titled ‘realistic night routine’ for viewers to get an inside peek at what it looks like to live life on the road.

“I like to get my least favourite task out of the way first,” she explained as the video started. 

Dressed in a pair of green leggings and a blue crop top, she then moved into a tiny, green-tiled bathroom to remove a jug. 

“…Which is emptying my pee jug,” she continued before switching the scene to show her outside, dumping the contents of the jug down a drain.

Court, who usually stays in the van with her partner Nate as well, went on to share the next step in her evening routine, which was to take her dog out for their “final outing of the night”. 

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Once back, she began unwinding by covering all the windows before taking her shoes off and cleaning up. 

Although she can park almost anywhere, Court said she prefers to stay stationary around public beaches and parks in a bid to “exist without being hassled”. 

“Then I do a full hair wash and shower so I took my toilet out,” she went on while showing herself removing the entire toilet out of the same bathroom. 

As the night progresses, she explained that she usually cleans up the van, has some dinner and then gets her bed ready for the night. 

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“Then I drive around looking for the perfect spot where I won’t be bothered or be a bother,” she continued. 

“Some nights that’s easier than others, and on the hard nights I often ask myself, ‘what am I doing with my life’… 

“But once I get to that spot and put all my window covers on, it’s like I’m transported to my safe and cosy place.” 

In the caption, she added: “A pretty accurate representation of what most nights have looked like for the past 4 years. 

“City van life can be really draining, but I think I’ve just become used to it at this point.”

People were quick to praise TikTok user @courtandnate for sharing some of the less glamorous aspects of living in a van. 

“I love that you showed the hard parts of van life as well. I feel like social media often gives ppl an unrealistic view of van life and it’s great but def not for everyone and it’s good to see someone being upfront about the struggles! Also you van set up is beautiful,” one person wrote. 

Another said: “Driving around with your hair in a wrap is so real lol”. 

While a third added: “The finding of the sleep spots always gave me anxiety lol but I kept doing it!” 

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