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A WOMAN has perplexed viewers with how angelic she looks in baggy attire, but what is underneath tells a different story.

People were shocked when she revealed what her bare skin looked like uncovered.

Known on TikTok as @mlle.leone, the content creator consistently baffles viewers with how innocent she looks when she's all covered up.

In a video on the platform, she shows her audience the two different vibes she has when a key part of her personality isn't on full display.

What lies underneath her baggy attire completely shatters that narrative.

The 26-year-old is very open about her tattoos on her social profiles, but viewers were stunned by how heavily her skin was covered in the body art.

At the start of the video, the blonde beauty leaned against a wall with her hair pulled back in a loose, low ponytail.

She wore a baggy white quarter-zip and paired it with Adidas track pants.

The subtitle above her head read: "Me when my tattoos aren't showing VS."

In the final moments of the video, she revealed her true self and exhibited her extensive array of tattoos that cover her physique.

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To add to the look, she switched to a more sultry style that showed off her lean body.

The young woman put on dark black cut-off shorts and a black Calvin Klein sports bra that showed off her long leg tattoo, stomach tattoo, and arm sleeves.

In tune with the content creator's choice of fashion, the subtitle above her head changed and read: "When it does" and she added a devil emoji for extra measure.

Numerous people offered their two cents in the comments about the look.

"Looks like an angel both ways!!" one viewer commented.

"No need to cover up that looks awesome," another added.

"Hearted it before you even showed the ink….100% not disappointed. Great work!!" a TikTok user wrote.

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