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DEAR DEIDRE: ALTHOUGH nothing physical ever happened between us, I treasured the friendship I had with a woman I met in college many years ago.

She suffered from social anxiety but I was someone she felt comfortable being around.

We ended up going our separate ways and our friendship fizzled out.
I’m 39 and she is 38.

I once wrote to her apologising for not being a good friend.

We met and it went well but she went quiet again and I was left wondering whether I’d upset her.

She met someone and I’m genuinely happy for her but the selfish side of me still aches for her friendship.

I’ve been thinking of contacting her again but part of me is screaming to leave it alone because she’s moved on and isn’t interested.

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DEIDRE SAYS:  Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime and tempting though it is to try again, many years have passed.

The person you were back then isn’t the person you are today, and the same goes for your friend.

Think about the reason why the friendship ended.

If it is because you grew apart, then that is a natural process and trying to rekindle the friendship would most likely feel forced.


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