I’m so good looking that it’s a burden – women are constantly trying to have sex with me, but I’d rather spend time with my dog

  • Model Marco Donatelli, 22, of Florida, says he is so good-looking it’s a burden
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A model says he is ‘so good-looking’ he gets inundated with messages from women every week – but he’d rather spend time with his dog.

Marco Donatelli, 22, from Florida, has received attention for his appearance all his life, with his mother telling him he has ‘a face people want to look at’.

Now 22, he likens himself to a young Leonardo DiCaprio, and has shared the ‘burden of beauty’, claiming that women constantly throw themselves at him, hoping to get the model into bed.

But anyone angling for any intimacy will be disappointed, because Marco says he ‘doesn’t have time’ to date.

The said the entrepreneur, who has 55,000 followers on Instagram, said: ‘I know I’m really good-looking, but I just don’t have the time for girls.’

Marco Donatelli, 22, from Florida, claims women are constantly asking to date him or have sex with him, but he’s too busy building his career  

He added: ‘My best attribute would probably be my smile, as well as my combination of curly hair and blue eyes – it really works.

‘And obviously my overwhelming frame; I’m 6ft 3 in and weigh 215lbs of mostly muscle.

‘I’m a larger guy, which girls like.

‘Some weeks I get inundated of messages from women wanting to have sex with me or go on dates.’

Although Marco receives a steady stream of offers, for the moment he is happy spending time with Giuseppe, his four-year-old Goldendoodle.

Aside from his modelling career, Marco is also a successful businessman with his own clothing line, as well as investing in property and makes a decent living playing the stock market.

The native Ohioan believes this adds to his appeal.

‘I know I’m really good-looking,’ says the entrepreneur, who has over 110,000 followers across social media

Although Marco receives a steady stream of offers from ladies, for the moment he is happy spending time with Giuseppe, his four-year-old Goldendoodle

And with a reality TV show and Netflix deal in the pipeline, he doesn’t expect things to calm down anytime soon.

He said: ‘I always knew I’d be in the limelight in some way.

‘I remember having a dream as a child where I just knew I’d change the world and make people smile, and telling my dad about it, who asked me what I would do.

‘I had no idea, I just knew it would happen.’

Marco got into modelling after his TikTok account took off and began collaborating with other social media influencers like Kyle Culver, Chris Daniels and Dixie D’amelio. 

He said: ‘One of my buddies, Tommy Carnifax, who’s from the same area as me, got into modelling.

‘We got started together.

‘He took pictures of me, I took pictures of him, we posted them, and we started building a massive following.’

Focused on business, romance is taking a backseat for the model but he knows what he’ll be looking for when the time is right

Marco actually wants a family girl who is organized woman. And he much prefers brunettes to blondes

Marco is 6ft 3 in and weighs 215lbs of mostly muscle. But despite attracting attention from women, he prefers his dog

Some of the comments Marco gets on social media when he posts semi-naked photos of himself 

As well as being a model, Marco, who lives in Florida, says he has a strong brain for business 

Marco says that although he knows he is very good-looking he doesn’t have any time to date at the moment

Marco says women regularly throw themselves at him as they like his huge frame and his cute smile

As a social media celeb with a ‘great face’, Marco has since worked with photographer Rick Day, who has worked with the likes of Calvin Klein.

Focused on business, romance is taking a backseat for the model but he knows what he’ll be looking for when the time is right.

Marco added: ‘I’d like a family girl but she also has to be an organized woman.

‘She would have been studying, have a degree or a good job, that’s important.

‘Looks-wise, I am attracted to brunettes rather than blondes.

‘But they have to have a good family and support system, because I don’t have much of a family left myself.

‘She has to bring something to the table.’

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