DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER being badly hurt in the past I deliberately took things slowly with a new guy I met online, but now he has friend-zoned me.

I’m a guy of 24 and want a proper relationship, not just a hook-up.

Unfortunately the men I’ve met before only wanted one-night stands.

I’ve obliged, but felt hurt.

Now I’ve met someone new who is 27 and he seemed really nice.

We’ve been talking for more than a month and I finally decided to meet him.

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We went for a drink and he said to me that I gave him the vibe of only wanting friendship.

I said that wasn’t the case but he says he only wants friendship now.

I feel strongly for him.

What do I do?


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Deidre says: Keep in touch with him.

Keep seeing him if you can and in a few months, if it feels right, you can talk to him again about your feelings.

Listen carefully to what he has to say.

If he is adamant he still sees you as a friend, it would be best to focus on meeting others. I’m sending you my Moving On support pack to help.

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