I’m trolled for my weight but I’m proud of my belly – and my husband loves it too

  •  US-based TikTok content creator has revealed criticism she gets for her belly
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A TikTok creator has revealed how strangers troll her because of her looks and  plus size figure. 

The US-based entrepreneur, who shares videos under the username PressedbySativa, has hit back at her critics online in a series of videos. 

While the woman loves her curves and showcases them in revealing outfits on her page, many have left mean-spirited comments on her looks, especially her stomach. 

Sativa has confronted the comments head on, claiming back the mean labels and calling herself the ‘Queen of FUPAs,’ in reference to her ‘Fatty Upper Pubic Area’. 

She can also count on the support of her followers, who have been cheering her on against trolls. 

An US-based entrepreneur who shares videos under the username PressedbySativa on TikTok has hit back at critics making fun of her weight online in a series of videos

Sativa showed how little she cared about mean comments in videos shared on her profile, where she counts more than 212,200 followers. 

The nail tech, who says she is ‘fat not ugly,’ loves to share her outfit and makeup picks on her TikTok page. 

However, many mean-spirited trolls have commented on her looks, with some saying she looked ‘unhealthy,’ and mocking her ‘FUPA,’ her Fatty Upper Pubic Area. 

But Sativa has not let the trolls bring her down, and has flipped the table on her critics. 

In one video, she can be seen donning a small tube top and black sweatpants showing her midriff under the caption: ‘When I’m wearing something comfortable and someone says then don’t want to see my belly.’ 

‘Sorry but I’m gonna wear what makes me comfortable,’ she wrote alongside the video. 

In another clip, the nail tech, who has been in a relationship for nine years, can also count on the support of her husband, who says that her belly is his favorite part of her body. 

One video also sees her showing off her belly in a pair of velvet sweatpants. 

The nail tech likes to show her plus size figure in clips on TikTok, calling her curvaceous belly ‘abs’

In another clip, Sativa can be seen pointing to her belly while wearing a tube top and sweatpants, saying she will wear the clothes that she feels comfortable in

The nail tech’s followers are always on hand to compliment her on her looks and applauding her for clapping back at trolls

Showcasing a comment calling the Queen of FUPAs, she is seen putting a tiara on her head, as if accepting the title. 

Her followers have been very supportive of Sativa, complimenting her on her looks and applauding her for clapping back at trolls. 

‘Just a Queen suits better I think,’ one said. 

‘I’m loving that crown though. You’re beautiful babe,’ while another agreed that Sativa looked ‘still damn beautiful.’

‘Girl, let them hate. You are gorgeous,’ another said. 

‘Damn right. If they don’t want to see, then don’t look, it’s real simple. You are gorgeous,’ another said.  

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