A viral video of the giant "razor" like crystal which an unfortunate man naturally passed through his penis has shocked the internet.

In the clip, shared by NHS surgeon Dr Karan Rajan on his @dr.karanrTikTok account, a woman is using tweezers to examine a bladder crystal.

The woman, called Lauren, holds up the nasty-looking kidney stone to the camera and explains her boyfriend has just peed it out and she feels sorry for him going through the excruciating ordeal.

Writing in the on-screen caption, Lauren explains: "My poor boyfriend just peed this out.

"Poor urethra, I never knew kidney stones could be so evil."

"Look at that sharp little razor tip," she adds, zooming in on one of the jagged edges.

Adding his own commentary, Dr Karan says 10% of people will get kidney stones in their lifetime and explains how you can help avoid them.

He says: "Strangely enough, low calcium can actually cause kidney stones.

"You need to get enough calcium in your diet so it can bind to oxalates in your stomach and intestines before it moves to the kidneys.

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"Eating foods with calcium is a good way for oxalates to leave the body and not form stones."

He adds: "Don't go overboard with the salt. Excessive salt in the diet can keep calcium from being absorbed, leading to kidney stones."

Too much animal protein in the diet can also be a problem, he claims, explaining: "Animal proteins contain purines, and eating too much can cause uric acid to build up in your urine, increasing the risk of stones.

He clarified in the comments section that genetics and family history also play a role in how likely you are to develop kidney stones.

The video has been watched more than 600,000 times since it was uploaded on Sunday (November 21) and people were full of sympathy for the lad who passed the "evil" stone.

One user wrote: "I'm sorry that was a kidney stone? Looks like a rock on a beach."

"This hurts me watching this," confessed a second viewer.

Another shared: "I've had kidney stones and it literally feels like you are urinating glass shards. DRINK PLENTY WATER."

Someone else said: "This made me go and drink three glasses of water."

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