Kate Middleton and Prince William fell in love over muesli and fruit, a royal expert says.

The couple met at St Salvator's, one of the University of St Andrew's 11 halls of residence, and while Kate would often go out for run in the morning, she'd spot William at breakfast in the dining hall a little before it closed.

After a couple of weeks of politely nodding and smiling at one another, William made his move and invited Kate to sit with him and his friends.

It was here, over a healthy breakfast instead of a fry up, that the future King and Queen discovered just how much they had in common.

Royal Expert Katie Nicholls writes in Vanity Fair: "Kate was a country girl who loved playing sports and was a keen swimmer, like William."

Katie continues: "She was also a good skier and, just like William, had enjoyed a gap year traveling around the world before going to St Andrews.

"Kate had spent several months in Florence, and she chatted with William about the Renaissance artists they would soon be studying and the courses they planned to take.

"She got along well with William’s friends Fergus Boyd, an Eton classmate, and Olli Chadwick-Healey."

Kate recalled behaving rather awkwardly when she first saw William at uni.

”I actually think I went bright red,” she said after they announced their engagement, “and I sort of scuttled off, feeling very shy.”

When they met, both William and Kate were studying art history – but the prince later switched to geography.

“We spent more time with each other, had a giggle and lots of fun and realised we shared the same interests,” he said.

When Kate and Wills moved into the same flatshare – 'just as friends' – they ate takeaways, watched films and entertained friends for dinner, but also got to know each other’s families.

In autumn 2002 Kate joined a group of William’s friends for a shooting party on the Queen’s Sandringham estate.

And in May 2003 they were snapped in deep conversation at a rugby match, although her father told a journalist he could “categorically confirm they are no more than good friends”.

Their relationship somehow remained secret – until they went skiing together in Klosters, Switzerland, in March 2004. Snaps of them made front-page news.

“Look, I’m only 22, for God’s sake!” William responded when asked about marriage plans. “I don’t want to get married until I’m at least 28 or maybe 30.”

Kate coped well with the attention and they returned to St Andrews, moving in to a new place as a couple. When they graduated in the summer of 2005, Kate’s parents took a photo of her and William, wrapped in each other’s arms and laughing.

It would not be made public for several years but, at the ceremony, there was a hint of things to come when the Principal, Dr Lang, told students, “You may have met your husband or wife here.”

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